Today, I officially decided to join the Nanowrimo website. I have no idea what I’m doing or how I’m doing it, but boy am I having fun. Fun, however, can also be a lot of work. For years I heard about Nanowrimo, but I always fluffed it off and moved on, wondering how anyone had the kind of time to complete such a lengthy task. And then this year came around, and I decided to dive in head first and hope I didn’t give myself a concussion. It took me a total of an hour and a half to set up my profile and figure out exactly what in the heck Nanwrimo is, because, I admit, I didn’t know much past the fact that they want you to write a lot, and as I’ve explained before, I’m just awful with new sites and figuring them out. There’s grannies out there that are figuring out these sites faster than I am, but I digress.

I am already in the process of writing two separate novels, so I was a bit discouraged when I saw that I had to start a new novel from scratch for this event. However, I feel like I’ve been stuck when it comes to writing, and I’ve been looking for something to do to loosen my mind and just get myself writing again, going back to the days where I wrote whatever came to me and stopped trying so hard and frustrating myself. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Around 7:30 tonight, I sat down to officially start brainstorming ideas, because I had not a one. Between then and now I have not only written the first chapter, a full 8,885 words and eleven pages, but I’ve also outlined two more chapters of the story. I don’t know where I’m going with this ultimately, but I’ve forgotten how much fun it can be to just sit down and write things as they come. I’m sure my bliss and glee of getting so much writing done today will probably be short lived, because after all the hours I spent on it today, I probably won’t want to work on it tomorrow, or will spend the night stressing about the next chapter, which is where I hit my wall. I put too much pressure on myself, and for once, I’m trying not to do that. I miss the days when I didn’t.

If you want to check out my profile for Nanowrimo, you can find it here. Here’s hoping that my motivation doesn’t leave me and I don’t stress myself out, because I haven’t been excited about anything like this in a long time.

On a side note, I know my novel description sounds cliche. It is, but that’s because I’m not sure where I’m ultimately going with this story yet. So please hang in there with me, because once I figure it out I will update the description so the story actually sounds interesting instead of so run of the mill.

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