The Christmas Animal Video Diaries

You guys, I am so sorry that I’m behind on my Christmas posts. By the time I’m done with the week’s worth of Christmas posts I had planned, you’ll all be out of the Christmas spirit and sick of it. (Some of you may be already. Me? I never run out of Christmas spirit. Usually.) Every year I do a nice little run of Christmas posts to make up for hardly posting prior to Christmas, and they run the whole week after Christmas. This year, clearly, was a huge fail. However, I do have good reason. I got unexpectedly thrown into an emergency paranormal case, and have been busy working on that. I was even at the person’s home for ten hours yesterday, and this case is far from over. So please bear with me and try to keep the Christmas spirit, por favor? I promise you that I am doing the best I can.

Anyway, let’s get back into the Christmas spirit and time warp back to last week, when it was Christmas Eve and we were all cheery and waiting for Santa to arrive. Do all of you have your time machines? Awesome! (Apparently the word awesome is being banned in 2012. I’m going to Kanye 2012 just to bring it back. I refuse to be clumped in with the masses and forget about it. I don’t want to hurt awesome’s feelings, so I shall use the world awesome! Besides, it’s only 2011, though it might be 2012 by the time I get this posted. I’m right down to the wire.)

Prior to Santa coming, my mom, who also doubles as Santa occasionally, gave me a Kodak Playfull video camera. She wanted me  to be able to have it so that I could tape the morning adventures when the real Santa did come. And for those of you who are being all Scrooge-like and stopped believing in Santa, who we all know exists, I have proof he was here. NORAD Santa Tracker, which is ran by Nasa, says he was, and that’s good enough for me. I even screen capped their website for proof.

See? So for all of those people out there who stopped believing in Santa, have some fun. Christmas is the time of the year to believe in anything, no matter what, just because you can.

Anyway, I was so excited to have my camera that I went to work figuring out how to use it (And still haven’t perfected that craft.) so that it would be ready for Christmas morning. Of course, I would never film people on Christmas morning, because we’re just not that cute and we’re a small family, so I decided to take videos of the animals because, aww, everyone loves animals!

The first video I took was right before Santa came. It was in a very sad attempt to figure out the camera, and is of the incomparably cute Greta Hayley. It’s really just a video of her sleeping, but I figured out my video camera because of that. Yay! Plus, who doesn’t love sleeping puppies? Scrooges, that’s who. Ignore the sound on the clip. It was a test and only a test that I couldn’t resist posting in the cuteness that was Greta Hayley. I also shot it in classic 70s home video mode, which is just one of the great features this camera comes with. (No, they’re not paying me to say any of this and I’m not affiliated with them.)

After finding out that, yes, my camera does work, and yes, I can hit the right button, I went to bed so that Santa would arrive (But not really, because I was up way past Santa time, but I didn’t see him.), and when I got up in the morning there were presents everywhere. This seemed like an awesome opportunity to use the camera, so we put the dogs out, then let them into the room with the presents and filmed it. This was also shot in 70s style home video. (All but one of these videos was.) I know it looks like there’s lots of gifts, but that’s a lie. Most of them were presents for the pets. Santa likes them best. Look for the flying kitty cameo and the most uninterested dogs in the history of Christmas. Don’t mind the shaky camera either. Someone over here was still getting used to their new toy.

Post the dogs opened their presents; See: we opened them, we gave them their cookies. It seems as though we have a thief in the house.

We moved on to the cats presents, and, as you can see, they were equally excited to open their presents and required just as much help as the dogs did. Pie the cat may have even given me a look like, “Bitch, I don’t want no presents. Show me the treats!” Ah, what a lovely crew we have here.

Even after giving me that look, Pie went on to prove that it was, in fact, the presents she was unexcited about, but it wasn’t because she wanted a treat. Girlfriend wanted the wrapping paper. Figures. You can never please a cat by trying, only by fate. I think this is my favorite video, unless you haven’t seen Pie Gets Brushed, which is a close second. Pie has issues.

Just in case you were wondering if Scamper did, in fact, get a toy, which was asked at the end of Pie’s Christmas video, you can find the answer here.

Next, I will posts the animals thoughts on Christmas. And by thoughts, I basically mean them standing there giving me faces when I asked them what they thought of Christmas. Coming after that is another makeup tutorial, so stick in there with me. While I’m sitting here blogging because I’m not a partier and completely boring, please enjoy your New Years. Be safe. Don’t drink and drive.

For Those Who Have Abandoned All Hope

This wasn’t the post I had in mind for tonight. Originally, I was going to post my Christmas videos now that I’ve finally jumped the migraine hurdle and can see straight. I even uploaded them into YouTube and everything. But then something changed.

Tonight, I sat down to watch the movie According to Greta with Hilary Duff without reading the description. Being as she was the lead, I thought it would be fluffy and cute. What commenced there forth was a half an hour of me crying afterward. I guess somewhere in between the way I keep my head down and just try to get through daily life with my head and heart intact, I had closed myself off to what was going on in the world around me and to how many teenagers and young adults feel like there’s nothing worth living for; how many are killing themselves because there’s no hope ahead.I understand what it’s like to abandon all hope. I’ve been there. So I wanted to reach out to those of you out there who are considering taking your life by telling you my story. No, it’s not a happy one, filled with hope and inspiration, but it’s honest, and it proves that life does, can, and will go on with or without you, but it would be much better if you were around to experience it.

I grew up in a screwed up home. To say I didn’t would be a lie. My mom and dad fought all the time when I was a child; they hated each other. I still can’t figure out if there was ever love there. My dad left when I was little, and I still remember him fighting with my mom and walking out the door with two brown suitcases while I sat on the second to the last step in our little old house, and I remember knowing before my mom told me that he was gone for good, and he never even said goodbye to me either. I also remember thinking how much more peaceful it would be without him.

My childhood was full of my mom being single, struggling and going back to school for long hours, and then later working long hours. At first, she left me with my grandparents, where I was happy and free. After awhile, that wasn’t working out between the adults, and instead of thinking of the child, I got forced into a daycare center where I got pantsed, punched and beat up consistently because the people who ran it couldn’t control the kids. I was unhappy and missing the grandparents I had spent nearly every day with terribly, especially since my grandfather was my best friend.

Then my dad came back, and I had to go with him on weekends, even though I didn’t want to. I watched him beat up several of his girlfriends, and once, when I was around eleven, he threw me into a glass coffee table, breaking it, and then locked his then fiance and myself into a room in which we stayed until we could call the landlord after he left in the morning. My mother never knew anything was wrong, though she had lived with him for so long and knew what he was like. I felt afraid to tell her, and I always wondered how she couldn’t know. But I’m not her, and I’ll never have the answer to that. And, thankfully, by some grace of God, he was gone for good by the time I was thirteen. On Christmas Day, no less.

On the day of my thirteenth birthday, I became extremely ill. By winter of that year I had been pulled out of school by doctors and put back in. Twice. Then I got even more sick and was ultimately pulled out and home schooled before my fourteenth birthday. I spent days alone teaching myself while my mom worked. I was also expected to keep up the house, when sometimes I didn’t feel well enough to get around. It was lonely, and I missed out on the family and friends social aspect that other kids my age had. Then, as if things couldn’t get worse, my grandfather died when I was fourteen. He was my best friend and the one who understood me. Things just weren’t the same without him, and I needed him to get through my illness. (One I’m doing much better with, but still heavily struggling with today.)

By the time I was old enough to work, I was so shy and lost in the social world that I hardly knew what to do with myself. I looked for jobs where I only had to work with women. I found one where I worked with a boy, a boy I ended up liking, who liked me back, but he didn’t have the backbone to stand up to his father and tell him that he wasn’t going to marry some plastic Barbie doll just because she was pretty to please him. (He ended up marrying that plastic Barbie doll. No word on if he’s happy or not, but he was a nice kid, and I hope he is.) It screwed up everything I thought feelings and love and relationships were, and since I wasn’t grasping on to a whole lot seeing as how my life and my parents marriage had gone, I changed.

That happy go lucky girl who had somehow remained unscathed and perky throughout all of this was now brooding and angry. If my clothes weren’t so darn cheery, I could have passed for a goth. But I learned something from that. The goth and punk kids are the nicest, most honest kids you’d want to meet, and all they do is dress differently from us because they know who they are. That scares the preps and the “normals.” Let them be scared.

I was a late seventeen, ready to turn eighteen, when I became obsessed with death and dying. I’ve made no attempt to hide the fact that I’m a psychic medium on here. I’m sure that had something to do with it, working with the dead and knowing I was helping them go to a happier place. I wondered why I had to be here when they were going to be happy. Why I had to feel so alone with my mom gone all the time and the feelings I thought were true being shot down, while they got to be with their loved ones in the same place where my grandfather was.

There are few people who know this about me, less than I can count on one hand. I wanted to die. More of me wanted to die than wanted to live. When I couldn’t take it, I would cut my wrists just to feel better. I made no secret of it. I would wrap them when they were cut and go to work like that. My mom never asked me about what happened, figuring in the accident prone events that were my life that I had merely sprained them, so I never told her. When people at work asked me, I told them a variations of excuses that no one questioned.

Things got worse for me when I was twenty, working in a job that I hated, with guys, none the less, and that being the first job where I had worked with guys. I was trying to find myself, who I was socially, who I was romantically, and who I was as a woman. I had no one to talk to about it, and I was so confused. I didn’t get the point in anything, and it didn’t see a point in me either, I suppose. Life is fair like that.

I worked with a guy who I didn’t pay any attention to either. He would say hi when he passed my department and I would say hi back. It was all very Taylor Swift – Ours, only in Best Buy. Then one night I couldn’t take things anymore, and somehow he knew, because he walked me to my car and spent two hours sitting there with me and just talking, though he hardly knew me. He was in school to be a psychologist (Though he later dropped out for reasons that aren’t mine to give.), and I don’t think that I’ve ever fallen for someone so quickly, or ever will again. Though, if you ask, I’ll tell you it takes years to truly fall in love with someone, because I don’t want to go through the chain of events that spiraled from that one night again.

I think the worst part for me looking back is that he always loved me too, but unlike me, he was able to tell me and wasn’t shy about it. I never let my guard down enough to let anyone give me what I needed, and he was no exception. He, in every way, saved my life just by being there. I just needed someone to tell me how they felt about me, and then go ahead and have the balls to show it to know that life was worth living. I wouldn’t let myself know that I needed to be able to feel someone’s arms around me, too, which is a lesson I learned too late.

If you ask him, he’ll tell you that I saved his life, too, but that’s not true. It can’t be. I never told him I loved him. I wasn’t there for him like I should have been, because I was scared. And, God bless him, he never judged me for it because he understood that. But I hurt him, and badly, too. I never did it on purpose, and it took me a long time to realize what I was doing to him or that I had hurt him at all, but now I know the truth.

When he tried to kill himself, not once but twice, he told me that it was the thought of me that made stop what he was doing and made him recover. But no one ever told me until way after the fact that he had tried, because they never wanted to hurt me; he never wanted to hurt me. Like I deserved that. I didn’t. He saved me and it hurt him like hell doing it, but he did, and he never quit. He deserved the same. Him trying to kill himself was never, ever about me, and I’m angry at him sometimes that he made it that way so that I couldn’t help him.

I’d also be willing to bet that me not being there for him the way I needed to be and me hurting him in my immaturity and fear that I had also, in my own way, heavily contributed to what made him want to kill himself. Where he saved my life, I couldn’t save his. Whether I actually did or not has yet to be discovered, but if I did, I guess that’s the only reason I was put in his life and him in mine.

You will never live up to what someone thinks you are. If someone says you were enough to save them, you will never feel like you were enough to do anything that great and start to focus on the bad in yourself. It will break up a relationship and ultimately end it. It won’t be the other person’s fault, though you can tell yourself it was a thousand times. It still isn’t.

Sometimes I sign onto a messenger I never use anymore, see: I stopped using when I ran away from him, just hoping he’ll sign on and things can be like they were back in the old days. He never does and he never will; they never will. I’ll never get to know how he’s doing now, if he’s okay, or if he’s even still alive, and that was my own doing. I take full responsibility for that and I know what I’ve done wrong and what not to do next time. But now, thanks to him, I’m alive to know that; to have a next time. So really it’s a catch twenty-two; a house of cards, life.

My grandma is gone now too. She was the other part of the team that kept me going when I was little. When she left this earth, I started to wonder again if I could go on, and I found myself wanting to call up this friend and talk to him and no one but him, but I knew I couldn’t do that. It wasn’t fair to him. And that’s when I found my backbone and my strength and began to help other where I could.

This coming year will mark two years since my grandma’s death, and three since I last seen him. Finding myself without my grandma to talk to has been one of the hardest things to do in life, but I still talk to her when I’m lonely and I know she hears me, which brings me great comfort, more than I will ever get in the situation with my friend, though I miss her terribly, and him too.

I’m not lucky in love. I was once had I let myself be, but I didn’t. And maybe this is my fate. But I am lucky in life, because I was given a second chance and took it. I also took responsibility for all the things I’ve done wrong in the past, and you know what, there’s nothing wrong with the things I’ve done. Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how big or little, but taking responsibility and learning from them is what life is really about. Everything is a lesson, and if you choose to learn it, things will get better. If you don’t, history and misery will repeat themselves.

I could have let the things that happened in my past ruin my life. I could have let my father victimize me and think I wasn’t worth anything because he made the choice to walk out on us. I could have let Christmas be ruined because of him. I could have thought that one boy was the end of it all, and if he didn’t love me, no one would. But you know what I’ve learned? As long as you love yourself, none of that matters. That’s what my friend gave me, and what I wish I could thank him now for, but can’t. He showed me that I was a pretty okay person with all my flaws, and my flaws were what made me perfect. That’s true for everyone else too.

Whether I’ll give myself another chance at love has yet to be determined. I don’t want to hurt anyone the way I hurt him again, but I don’t approach it as being so afraid for my own heart, just for what I could do to others.

People look at me and, no matter what I do or say, see this girl that is cute and funny and perky, with a great outlook on life and a bubbly personality. I still see this girl who is sarcastic and high strung and a huge handful and undertaking, and a girl who is, sometimes, plain out mean. I wonder who they’re looking at when they claim they’re talking about me. But on another hand, I’m glad they see me that way. I still have my dark days and my hard times where I’m depressed and moody, but the fact is, I’m still here. I will probably always see myself that way, and that will never change, and I will probably never care what anyone else thinks about me because I don’t have to. I don’t need that approval anymore. But if they see me as a good person, then I’m glad.

I try to do my best to be charitable and to help people. It’s what keeps my heart going and reminds me it’s still there and it’s still beating. I still cover myself up and build walls with moats and forts around them to keep people out, even when it seems like I’m not, but in the privacy of my own home where I can cry, I’m honest with myself. Always be honest with yourself.

Sometimes the best thing you can do when you feel like life isn’t worth living is help someone else. Get out and talk to someone you would never talk to and do something you would never do. Stare in the face of a child that was abandoned by their parents and tell me that your life is so bad. Take food to someone homeless and tell me how lonely you are. Yeah, still lonely, huh? And that’s how life feels, but you can get through it.

You just have to remember that the person you are is someone worth loving. You may not know it, but someone out there will always love you, but they may never tell you, which is why you should never hesitate to tell someone you love them, even if it’s platonic love. I love each and every one of you. You are all worth the life you have. God would agree. Sometimes it takes one person telling you they love you to make you realize you’re someone worth loving. So I’m here telling you that I love you, and you ARE worth loving. And those people who did you wrong and made you feel like you weren’t? Always wish them the best. You’re just going to waste energy stewing over all the bad things you want done with to them, and they’re not worth that.

If you are considering suicide, please talk to someone, even if it’s a stranger on the street. You might find that the least conventional person is the one who cares the most and will save your life. You can even talk to me. Leave a comment. Email me. Hit me up on Twitter. I’m not too hard to find.

Does life get better? Yes it does.

Does it get easier? No, but everything that happens just makes those good moments so much better. And it’s worth it.

After Christmas Euphoria and Cabela’s

Hi everyone! How did you enjoy / survive your holiday? Did you eat lots of turkey and other noms with your families? Was Santa good to all of you? I hope there was a yes to both. If not, I’m going to the North Pole on the fifth to have a chat with Santa. If you’d like to come or would like me to put a word in for you, let me know.

Why am I going to the North Pole to chat with Santa, you may ask. (If not, you’re going to find out anyway. Sorry!) Well, this might seem trivial, but Santa was TOO good to me this year, and I must make the trip up there to thank him with some freshly baked cookies and a year’s supply of treats for his reindeer. I would have been happy with just the new Taylor Swift concert DVD, but he brought me lots of useful goodies, including a new video camera, which I’ve been wanting for as I love to make videos of my animals (I’m the crazy animal lady at 26. Leave me alone.). I think that deserves a trip to the North Pole, only I’m waiting until the fifth as to let Santa get a good rest before invading his space.

Yes, I do get a little too into the Christmas spirit. Why do you ask?

I could sit here and talk about my crazy Christmas spirit forever, however, I have a migraine caused by an antibiotic that I can’t get rid of because I can’t take my migraine medication with said antibiotic, even though my doctor gave me the antibiotic knowing I have to take this migraine medication. So now I’m no longer taking the antibiotic, waiting on a new one, and trying to get my migraine to go away. It’s a saga within a saga, but the point is, I just can’t sit here and type forever because my vision is all wonky and what not.

That being said, I took some new videos with my new camera that I will post hopefully tomorrow, migraine depending. When I do that, we’ll go on ahead and talk about Christmas a whole lot more. You can tell me what you got, I’ll show and tell what I got. We can squee like the women we are. It will be wonderful.

I usually do a whole week’s run of Christmas posts after Christmas, so this one is going to be the bah-humbug post. I’m sorry. For right now I’m going to be un-Christmasy and catch up on a post I promised weeks ago, which is the Cabela’s post. I finally have time where I don’t need my computer for something and can sit here and let all sixty pictures load into WordPress, so even though I’m two weeks late, I’ve got it covered. And if we want to be technical, we did end up stopping at Cabela’s as part of our Christmas trip to Overly’s and it was decorated for Christmas there, so this is still Christmasy, right?

Just a few notes about Cabela’s. It is awesome, even if you’re not an outdoorsy person. In fact, that makes it even more awesome. Now, you can see wildlife without getting nature on you. Yes, all of these pictures were really taken inside of a store, as denoted by some of the people whose heads ended up in my pictures. The store was so packed, more packed than our malls here. It was insanity, but understandable. There was an aquarium (Of which I don’t have pictures. Boo!), a whole large room of deer displays, an African animal display,  a mountain display with all seasons depicted on the sides of it, an entire plane, a bow shooting range, and so much more inside of this mall sized store. It was also the cleanest place I’ve ever been. You’d swear elves worked there, because nothing was out of place, you could eat off the floor (But please don’t.), and yet there were tons of people all over the gosh darn place, but you saw no workers cleaning anything up. It was just magically clean. So if you ever get to stop at Cabela’s, do it. (Not that I’m trying to tell you what to do.) And if my adventure hasn’t convinced you, maybe the pictures will.

P.S. – You might even meet a nice military man there and get to thank him for his service. I did!

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Presents From Australia

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE, Everyone! Aren’t you just so excited that in less than two hours, according to Norad, Santa will start his journey around the world?

I know I promises y’all a Cabela’s post, but, quite frankly, it’s Christmas and no one wants to look at sporting goods on Christmas. (Other than all men. In other words, people who don’t visit this blog.) I’ve also not had time within all the festivities of the season to sit down and upload all sixty three pictures that I may or may  not have gotten completely carried away like a freaking tourist and took. I’m just going to go ahead and save that post for later in the spirit of Christmas.

Yay, Christmas!

Yay, Santa!

This year, my friend from Australia, Rossi, suggested we do a gift exchange. In excitement to end all excitement, we did just that. I wanted to share the awesome gifts she got me, because I feel all special having presents that came from Australia. (Thank you, Rossi!) So while you all enjoy these pictures, I am wishing you a merry one and sending you lots of reindeer hugs. And yes, I am that cheesy.

Merry Christmas, y’all. Let me know what Santa brought everyone!

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Road Trip Christmas Extravaganza

Just to forewarn you all, this post is full of over forty pictures of Christmas cheer. If you don’t like Christmas cheer, I wouldn’t put your boots on. Those are only made for walking. Promptly put those running shoes on and scoot on out of here. It’s not that I want you to leave, but you will be upset by all the Christmas cheer. If you choose to stay, you brave soul, you, then you have been warned.

Yesterday was a heck of a day. We took a road trip to see a Christmas extravaganza. It was supposed to go something like this: Aunt Bev arrives at promptly 10 AM. We all pile in the car and drive straight to Oglebay’s for their lovely Christmas display to enjoy all the delicious spirit of the season. We reach our destination around 11:30. We enjoy our day perusing the shops, touring the mansion, and then walk the lit gardens and drive through the Christmas lights.

Our day actually went like this: Aunt Bev got sick and was unable to attend. (Boo!) We decided to take our time getting ready and didn’t leave until 10:30. On our way, my mom decided to stop at Target so that she could take in her receipt from the night before with a coupon and still receive the sale price plus a gift card. We stopped at one location that for sure had to have a Target. It didn’t. We googled and found another Target on our way. We stopped there and had success. By the time we finally made it to Oglebay’s it was nearly 1:00. We cruised through the shops. We ate. We toured the mansion. We perused another shop. It was still only going on 4:00, an hour and a half before the lights would come on. We left Oglebay’s in favor or Cabela’s.

So now that you have the run down, let me tell you the full story.

It was a dark and stormy night. Oh wait, wrong story.

Our morning started out like something out of a bad comedy. Aunt Bev couldn’t go with us, we took too much time eating and getting ready, and ended up out the door late and forgetting things we wanted to grab. (Here’s looking at you and your cough drops, mother of mine.) My mom announced her need to go to Target on the way down, and since we were traveling a main highway with many stop offs that were littered with stores along the way, we thought it would be delightfully easy to find a Target. Our first try was at a place twenty minutes from home. It had everything. There was Wal-Mart and K-Mart and Ollies and a bunch of other stores I will never remember, but there sure as heck wasn’t a Target. I googled Target as we sat at a light and found out there were only two on our hour and a half trip along a main highway. Two? Since we were passing a dozen shopping complexes, at least, we were expecting more, but I digress. We did finally find our Target, and just in time because, over share, I had to pee.

Things went swimmingly, so we continued on our way, but by now it was just after noon and we still had thirty-two miles to go until we got to our destination. Yeah, folks, we weren’t making spiffy time.What made this even better was that we had entered West Virginia and were never welcomed. We were never told to get lost. Nothing. The exits just suddenly went from oh-my-gosh-a-high-number to one. And then we came upon a West Virginia Welcome Center, and it took two of us, but we realized that, much like Dorothy, we just weren’t in our home state anymore. About five miles past the welcome center, there was a welcome sign, but by that time the point was moot. Thanks, West Virginia.

And this is where the real fun started because, folks, people in West Virginia are just a little different. Probably not all of them, but it wasn’t looking too swell. We just didn’t know it yet, but we were about to spend the day finding that out. As my friend said to me on Twitter, if it doesn’t have a welcome sign, you may have entered the Twilight Zone. Go with it, but don’t trust it. I should have just listened to her.

When we did finally arrive at our destination, we were gloriously happy to be there, what with all the Christmas cheer we were about to endure. We had been at this location several years ago, but it was at night and just for the lights, so we never got to experience the stores and mansion that was there.

After motioning for a bunch of bad drivers and seemingly drunken people to get out of the way, we parked and made our way into the visitors center to find out where we were to go for the events we had wanted to partake in. And, much like I mentioned earlier with people in West Virginia being a little different, we were going to find out that nearly all the workers at Oglebay’s were that way. All but three either completely ignored us, were rude, ran us over in a store without saying excuse me, or stood around and talked to each other about private things and didn’t even acknowledge us. The other three were wonderful, but it ended there. However, I am getting ahead of myself.

At the visitors center, we were instructed by a very lovely, though over informative gentleman, about where to go for what event. While we were in there, we decided to check out the gift shop and gourmet candy store that was staring us in the face from our right side. This was easily the most Christmas induced, amazing, sparkling with Christmas Cheer store that I had ever been in. Everywhere you looked the place was brimming with Christmas cheer. You could nearly hear it tell you Merry Christmas, and if it could talk, then I’m sure it would have. There was reindeer pasta and snowman pasta, both which I would have bought if it wasn’t price gouged to the max. There were also peppermint and candy cane inspired trees and Santas there to greet you as you entered the store. It was purely Heaven, and I convinced myself for a whole ten minutes that I could move in there and live happily ever after. Then I remembered people would be coming in and out, tramping on my things and touching them and even taking them home with them, and I didn’t like that very much. So I just took pictures because they last longer.

After that, we went to the glass store, where we were directed by an equally lovely woman about where the glass museum and mansion were, and how to inquire tickets for both. We decided to go through the glass store upstairs, before going downstairs to the glass museum. (That’s a lot of glass and, if you’re keeping track, a lot of things to break.) The glass pieces were both gorgeous and well priced, but still too rich for my blood of no money, plus, I didn’t need anything. I did spend the entire time in a half panic attack, because I allowed some of my spirits to go along for the ride since they often miss their families at this time of the year. (Yes, I do know how that sounds. Why do you ask?) I was so worried about one of them getting a little too set on the whole being dead thing and accidentally knock something over without realizing they could do it. Luckily, that didn’t happen. *Wipes brow* That could have also contributed to why I took pictures like the freaking tourist I was of every and anything, but didn’t take pictures in that store.

Once we got downstairs to the glass museum, we realized we had no interest in walking through what seemed to mimic the glass store upstairs and have to pay for it, leaving us with the decision to only walk through the mansion. (Which was the wrong one, but I’ll get to that story.) We began toward the mansion, now hungry and figuring that since the place was like a little store-lined village, with a visitors center and a mansion in between, that there would be somewhere to eat within all those buildings. Clearly our logic didn’t line up with Oglebay’s, which we found out the hard way.

Still, as we looked for a place to eat, we went into the next shop, which was a garden store and greenhouse, but also sold ornaments in the back. As soon as we entered, we saw this very Christmasy site laid upon the top of the staircase.

As soon as my knees cooperated and we reached the bottom of the stairs, a little old lady of about seventy-five was overheard saying the following. “You did want to come home with me! You did! Come on, Buddy! You’re coming home with me too!” I looked over to see her pulling two snowflake LED lawn ornaments out of a box just as happy as could be. Rock on, lady. You made my day, though the rest of the store was uneventful compared to that.

Armed with the knowledge (after asking) that the only place to eat was 3/4 of a mile down the road, because that made sense to someone, though I don’t know who, we decided we were simply too hungry to tour the mansion without eating first. We hopped in the car and headed for the lodge. This was one of the best and worst decisions of the day. The lodge was decorated to look like something out of a Christmas movie. If one decided to shoot there, they wouldn’t have had to redecorate one tiny little bit. There was a man upstairs singing Christmas carols just as happy and talented as a lovely lark, and I could have also moved into the room with the fireplace, because it’s how I’ve always envisioned a nice, mountain Christmas home to be. It gave me the warm and cuddlies. I was in complete bliss and felt like I was in a scrumptious Christmas movie, so I never wanted to leave. In fact, we were even talking about coming and staying for a weekend over Christmas next year, because look how incredible it is!

And then we ate there. Even this tree couldn’t make up for the horrible service we got.

We had gotten to The Glassworks Grill at an off time, and even though the compound seemed busy, there was really no one in the grill. Plus, it was a really small, intimate place, so we were pumped to get our food, since we were now hungry, hungry hippo hungry. As per the usual of what we had learned from the stores, the workers were standing around and talking and mostly ignoring us, but one young lady did come up and seat us, and our waitress came back pretty quickly to get our drinks, and then came back with our drinks and asked for our orders just as quickly. But that was it. After we ordered, she literally disappeared. The girl who seated us was taking orders from the surrounding tables, which we later found out were our waitresses’ tables, and she was only a bus girl. Note: Despite this, she had also seated us. There were many workers on duty despite there being very few people in the place, but they were all standing around in groups talking.

After forty minutes of not seeing our waitress at all, and because the place was so small that it’s not like we could have missed her, we flagged down the bus girl. After a talk with the bus girl, her getting us more drinks, and then her going to check on our food, our waitress suddenly appeared with the food and told us she had been back there the whole forty minutes trying to get the kitchen to hurry up. That might have worked for her if it made sense, our food was actually warm, and if we hadn’t overheard someone else saying she was just sitting in the back.

Once our food was at the table, you guessed it, the waitress disappeared again. We waited and waited and waited, but she never came back to get our check. To top it off, I can’t eat garlic. I ordered a chicken sandwich with pretzel bread. The pretzel bread was soaked in garlic, which was never mentioned on the menu and quite odd, and not only that, but whomever put the honey mustard on it must have thought dumping the whole bottle on there was a wise idea. And it’s not like we could get the waitress to see if she could help assist us in getting a new order. At one point, my mom even got up and stood, putting her coat on, in order to attempt to get the attention of one of the workers that was just standing around so we could get a check. Several looked our way, but none bothered to come over. Finally, we received help from the gorgeous and super friendly barkeep. If it wasn’t for him, we’d still be sitting there, I’m sure. Bottom line: Bad service and cold, bad, misrepresented food just don’t mix. Avoid this place if possible.

We left there and toured the gift shop in the lodge, which was really great and put me back into the Christmas spirit. It featured items such as these.

When we went to exit the lodge, the sign in the parking lot not only made my season, but became my new very favorite sign. And the lodge itself, in all its beautiful, woodsy glory did not make my season any less Christmasy. Honestly, I wanted to move there, to that lodge, and not think it was odd, but also not eat in their grille.

Next, we got in our car and drove back to the mansion to take out tour. We paid our admission, which seemed ever so cheap for such a beautiful, stunning place such as this.

Then we got inside and discovered that the house had suffered a great tragedy at the hands of the parks and recreation service of Wheeling. For whatever reason, and I’m not sure what reason would ever justify this, they decided to rip mostly everything original out of the house, put in some fake floors in some places, put up ugly wallpaper, put up a bunch of walls that were not original to the house, and renovate it so nothing was true to the mansion except for possibly the grand staircase. That’s unforgivable, but what they did next I’m pretty sure is some type of a cardinal sin. They took and bought every random old piece of furniture they could find, whether it went with the house, matched or not. Then they shoved this unmatching furniture into the rooms. And by shoved, I mean they would put three dressers in one room, some in the middle of the room, nothing actually fitting into the room and none of it matching. In the end, it looked like junk was just piled into most of the rooms for storage. Then they allowed local businesses to decorate the rooms, which might have been a good idea if some of them didn’t put giraffes and lions in the room, and others try and donate more furniture. There were even themed rooms, like a colonial room and a general store, and none of the rooms went with each other. It was just simply a way to get businesses to throw everything and anything into a room. But everything was behind glass, so you couldn’t actually walk into the room, just into a glass enclosure. It sounds confusing, and it was. Confusing and awful. Even the people in front of us told other people not to go into the house. I appreciate seeing an old house in all its glory, not as a tourist trap of poorly done work and decorating. There were a few rooms that were snazzy, but for the most part it looked like an antique or junk store threw up all over the place. If you have a weak stomach, you may want to cover your eyes for this part. I tried to only take pictures of the cute things, but trust me, it was awful.

Because the mansion wasn’t what we had expected it to be, which was, you know, an old mansion and not an antique store where nothing was for sale, we flew through it in less than a half an hour. With the size of it, we had expected to be in there for quite some time. We would have had it been the old mansion that was advertised.

We had only one shop left to go into and over two hours until the lights came on. We got in our car and drove over to the shop. It was actually a golf course and golf store and lounge that was turned into a Christmas store for the holiday season, but still held lots of amazing treasures and was far better than the mansion.

And even after seeing this “Bossy” snowman, as his tag said, I still went home empty-handed.

While in the store, we even had a Hart of Dixie moment. There was this “tree,” and I use the word loosely. It was all kinds of ragged. And then this very Hart of Dixie quote came to me, and it fit and stuck.

Wade: “You know who would love this tree?”

George: “Charlie Brown is a cartoon character, Wade.” (It’s okay, Wade. I’ve got your back. I love Peanuts too!)

Amen to that.

When we were done in the store, we still had a good hour and a half before the lights and nothing left to do. We couldn’t even come up with something to do for that long, since we had been there and seen it all. On our way in, we had passed Cabela’s and had always heard how amazing it is and wanted to go there. Since we are going Wednesday to a festival of lights and had mostly come to stroll around the village, we decided to head out to Cabela’s and spend our evening there. I took a ton of pictures, which will be my next post.

All in all, Oglebay’s is worth going to to stroll the shops, but don’t expect to be impressed by the service you get at The Glassworks Grille, the mansion, or the friendliness of the employees, as it is mostly non-existent. But do expect to feel like you’re in a wonderful Christmas movie.

Tutorial Treats: The Frugal Girl Makeover

Hi, all! I know I’ve been going on about this awesome makeup tutorial that I had done that is actually fairly average at best, but shows frugal ways to do awesome things to your face. (No one ever said I wasn’t direct and that it didn’t make me sound funny.) Today is the day that I will finally get to reveal it to you all. But first, I must tell you all a little about today. (Did you ever notice that there’s nearly always a “but first” with me?)

Today, I went on an adventure to Oglebay’s and then to Cabela’s. Look, rule of thumb, if it’s out of state it’s an adventure. My adventures lie (The world lie always reminds me of the I Lie On a Whale Cake. It’s safer not to ask.) in my work as a psychic medium, so compared to that, nothing else seems very adventurous. I took a ton of pictures like a freaking tourist. Oglebay’s looked like something straight out of a Christmas movie. If one decided to film there, they wouldn’t even have to redecorate. Cabela’s is just full of all kinds of awesome outdoor things, including real taxidermy animals and an aquarium. Because I took so many pictures, I will have to split the post about this adventure up into two separate post, so look out for that in the coming days.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. And by all, I mean one person, maybe two, but just play along with me. It makes me happy, and if a woman ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. (Changer her mind and change the world.) Anyway, it took me two separate videos to get all of my rambling in. I also have made the videos so they’re not openly viewable to all users and you can only find them if you have a link to them, which I will provide you in this blog. I simply did this because I’m unsure of how my tutorials will go over. If they fly like a champ, I’ll make them searchable, so feel free to let me know what you all think.

The Frugal Girl’s Guide: Makeup Tutorial Treats Part 1

A little more about this video: First and foremost, I really do apologize to my cats. 364 days of the year, they just want to lounge around and go unnoticed. The day I filmed this was the odd day out when they all decided they wanted to be stars with big movie contracts. Clearly, I haven’t had the YouTube “talk” with them yet. I apologize for them since all they say is “meow, meow, meow” and then the occasional hiss rings out.

I just kind of want to reiterate the point of this video, in case my incessant rambling didn’t get it across. I’m really just trying to show y’all a nice, cheap, easy way to do quick makeup with the materials you have, instead of having you go out and buy things and spend an hour in the bathroom. I know these videos aren’t going to seem like the process was quick, but I redid the makeup again today and it took me around 12 minutes for the entire look. Not to shabby for glamorous, right?

As promised, here is the link to DiamondsandHeels14’s YouTube channel. I can not express how amazing she is. I speak of her in this video, and then use one of her tutorials in my next video. I just want to make it clear that I am, in no way, attempting to do a tutorial on her tutorial. I’m simply using her tutorial to do my makeup. I’m also showing you how to get the same look if you can’t afford the proper materials, though I highly suggest following her channel and using the proper materials, but I’m one broke girl, which leads me to be frugal, and I like to share in the frugal tips. If she happens to see my videos and I offend her in any way, I will take the videos right on down if she asks, because the last thing I want to do is offend her.

In case anyone is wondering, I don’t suggest a shampoo and conditioner because everyone’s hair is different and everyone needs something different out of those two items. However, below are links to the products that I mentioned in the video that I swear by in case you’re interested in buying them, in the order that they appear in the video.

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub

Garnier Fructis XXL Volumizing Thickening Mousse Extreme (I can’t imagine how this wouldn’t be unisex.)

Sorry, guys, but I can’t find the hair gel I use anymore, so I would next suggest a pomade such as Redken Wax Shine Pomade. Use a low number, such as three or four, so your hair doesn’t get stiff, but simply pieces out more when styling.

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream (Seriously, go to Target or Wal-Mart and buy this. It runs around six bucks. I have no idea why it’s so expensive online.)

CO Bigelow NO. 1055 Extra-Light Oil-Free Face Lotion (You can get this at mostly any Bath and Body Works stores. It’s very difficult to find online, however.)

The Frugal Girl’s Guide: Makeup Tutorial Treats Part 2

Here is the tutorial that I used from DiamondsandHeels14 for the Taylor Swift 2011 CMA look. Again, I’m not trying to steal her tutorial or do a tutorial on her tutorial. I’m simply showing you the transformation in it and cheaper ways to do it if you don’t have and cant afford the proper materials. If you can, please follow her instructions. She also has an amazing tutorial on there for if you have acne. I swear to kitten pajamas if I could find it that I would link you to it, but she has so many videos and I’m so very tired. But plunder through her channel and you will find it there. It is gauranteed not to disappoint.

As for the products I used in this, I’m not going to link you back to most of them, because my makeup is a little older than it should be and they don’t sell some of those compacts anymore. What I will show you is what powder I was using that also doubled as a hig lighter and tripled as a contour. For the powder, I use Physicians Formula Multi-Color in Buff. You should use whatever color compliments your complexion best. As for the touch of bronzer that I added on my own, I use Physicans Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip. (Vegas owns my heart, so the fact that this matches my skin tone makes me cheery.) Again, use whatever color matches your skin tone best.

If you have any questions, please ask. I will soon be posting a video about my experience in this makeup and how it was perceived, how I felt in it, and if I got any dates. (The answer to the last one is no. Are you shocked? I’m like the Forever Alone meme; incredibly single.) For now, here are a few more pictures of the final look, but first is a picture of me completely bare-faced that you haven’t seen so that you can get the full spectrum idea of how awesome this makeup really is. (Thanks, DiamondsandHeels14! You’re amazing!)

A Tutorial Taste, Crazy Coupons and Stranded, Broken Feet

Yesterday, I was talking about doing a makeup tutorial / experiment. I filmed said tutorial and experiment today, and the first video is in the process of uploading to YouTube. Because I had super excited kitties who wanted to be stars, I have to edit the second video and upload it, which I won’t have a chance to do tonight seeing as it’s already nearly one am and I must be up in the morning. Yes, I talked so much that there’s two videos. One is an introduction to what I’m doing, plus a hair tutorial, and the other focuses on the makeup, and also is inspired by and uses this tutorial by DiamondsandHeels14. I don’t do a tutorial on her tutorial, I just use one of her tutorials to do my makeup and show you how it turned out, because her tutorials are awesome, though I am not as great of a makeup artist as her. Even though nothing is ready to post quite yet, I wanted to give you all a little taste of what’s to come, plus tell you two fun little stories.

As for the videos, which I’ll hopefully have time to complete in the insanity that will be tomorrow, here is a before shot, with no makeup and me still in my pajamas with no hair done at all. It’s embarrassing and empowering all at one time. It’s strange that way.

Most unflattering picture ever, right? See what I do for you guys? I don’t take picture and then have to use a screen cap that makes me look like I’m falling asleep, which I kind of was.

And here is the after. It’s kind of been decided that I look like the dark haired version of Parker from Leverage in this makeup, instead of like Taylor Swift.

I have a lot more pictures to come with the video. My tutorial shows you how to do this look, originally done by DiamondsandHeels14, without the proper tools and makeup, and also shows the cheap girl with clear skin’s way of doing concealer, and also how to cover up Rosacea and pooling from blood disorders on the face. Hopefully I will have that tutorial done tomorrow.

Now for the stories.

I have to admit it guys, I’ve become the Crazy Coupon Lady. I could deny it right up until today when I held up a line at the register unintentionally because there wasn’t another one open, and then was applauded by the people I had held up because of all the money I saved. At first I thought they were applauding because I was done, but then they started asking me questions about how I saved that much money and I realized I had reached the status I most feared. I’m kind of embarrassed and kind of proud. I’m not one of those people who gets a billion things for free, but I think when you can knock half off of your bill, that’s a glorious moment. I also don’t spend more than three hours a week couponing, so I’m happy with the deals I get. That being said, here’s what happened for those of you who are interested in couponing.

I went into PetSmart to get dog food and dog treats. I’ve come to find that PetSmart has some of the best deals and otherwise gets a bad rap, but if you catch them at the right time, there are deals to be had. I had coupons for the treats and a five dollar Holiday Buck store coupon for the food. When I went into the store there were coupons sitting on a table, coupons that weren’t on their website or in their papers, and since one pertained to my purchase of dog food, I picked it up. There were also 15% off coupons good on my entire purchase sitting there, so I took one of those.

When I got back to the dog food, it happened to be on sale that week, and they were offering more Holiday Bucks, which was five dollars in coupon form that printed out on your receipt to use on your next PetSmart purchase of Purina products. The deal was supposed to end last month, but I was thrilled to see it hadn’t. I picked up my dog food, which was normally $28.99, but was on sale for $24.99 with a PetPerks card.  I had a $5 Holiday Buck coupon from a previous purchase, plus my 15% off coupons, mixed with a coupon for two free Beneful Prepared Meals valued at $1.89 a piece with the purchase of that dog food. When I checked out, my total for the dog food and the Beneful Prepared Meals came to $18.01. The actual total should have been $34.74. I saved almost half at $16.73, plus I got a $5 Holiday Bucks coupon to use on any Purina product, such as the food I just bought, next time I’m in the store.

Seeing as the Holiday Buck deal was extended, I decided to check out some cat food while I was there, since we have taken in cats and can always use the food. The cat food was originally $12.99. It was on sale for 10.99 with a PetPerks card, plus I had the %15 percent off coupon and a second $5 Holiday Bucks coupon that I had brought with me. Instead of paying $13.79 with the tax, I ended up paying $5.79, saving myself more than half at $8. By checking out separately, I also got another Holiday Bucks coupon good for $5 off my next purchase. And I still wasn’t done.

I still had my dog treats to get, because what’s Christmas without treats for the animals? They’d just steal my gifts in protest anyway and I’d never see them again, so it’s better to appease them. As with the last transaction, I did a separate transaction for this as well. (I’m so sorry anyone who got behind me in line.) I had manufacturers coupons for the treats, as well as PetSmart ones I had picked up on my way in, and that 15% coupon, so I was set. I picked up one dog treat for $5.99 and three for $3.99 to appease the guidelines on the coupons I had. The $5.99 treat was on sale with a PetSmart card for $3.50, and the $3.99 treats were on sale for the same price with a card. I had a dollar off of two treats, a dollar off of one treat, and a buy one get one free coupon. I was able to mix and match the dollar off and the bogo since one was a manufacturers coupon and one was a store coupon and I met the requirements of the coupons with what I bought. Mix that with the 15% off, and I could use the $5 Holiday Bucks from my previous purchase on them, bringing my total to $3.15. My total should have been $19.04, so I saved myself well over half at $15.89.

All in all, I should have spent a grand total of $67.57. What I actually spent with all the coupons and PetPerks deals was $26.95. I saved a total of $40.62, totally legally and with hardly any time or effort put into couponing, plus I have a $5 coupon to use on my next Purina purchase. PetSmart often has deals like this, so sometimes couponing and taking a few extra minutes is more than worth it.

When I got home from all of that excitement, I was sitting here minding my own business, like I often am, only to get a text from my friend saying he was stranded with a broken foot. If you’re wondering how that happened, I’m not the only one, especially since he can’t drive, nor does he own a vehicle. Therefore, I asked him what happened. Unfortunately for him, my one friend who is sick happened to be on medication for her flu and thought this was the funniest thing ever. Thinking back, it is pretty darn funny. Just not to him. And I sure as heck wouldn’t be happy if it happened to me. In fact, I think he handled it well what with not crying and staying calm. But here’s the story and you can judge for yourself. It’s so tragic and so funny at the same time that I just don’t know where to go on it.

Today, my friend was moving a couch. It fell on his foot in a Laurel and Hardy worthy moment, breaking it. As he flailed around, he had to find someone to take him to MedExpress, and even if he could drive, he would have still needed someone to take him because he needed that foot to drive. He arrives at MedExpress where his friend is forced to leave him to do things. On his friend’s way back to pick him up, his friend is in a car accident and is unable to pick him up. MedExpress is now closing and kicks him out, forcing him to go and sit in the Verizon store next door, or, as his iPhone autocorrected, the verisimilitude store. (I had to Google it, too. It means the quality of realism in something. So he’s in the realism store. So not right, especially since he has a broken foot and is stranded, so things just got pretty real.) He’s desperately trying to find someone to come and get him before the Verizon store closes in 32 minutes. He texts me. Because of my medical problems, I can’t drive that far to pick him up per doctor’s orders, plus, I get all wonky and disoriented when I try. So because he broke his foot, he’s now stranded because his friend was in an accident and his other friend is too sick to pick him up. Do you see the irony in this? All because of a couch attack.

He did finally get someone to pick him up, but it was down to the wire and was nearly two hours past when he was first stranded until he got home. He’ll laugh about it one day. One day. Not soon.

Hair, Boys and Makeup Tutorials (I Feel Like Such a Girl)

Warning and disclaimer (Double duty! Whoot!): If you’re a guy, this post is going to do nothing but make you groan. If you read on, you can’t complain, because I totally warned you. I’m not usually one to do “girl posts” but I’m making an exception. I apologize in advance.

Sometimes I make fun of my own girlishness, because, the truth is, I’m just not all that girlie. Occasionally, I think there was a mistake and I was supposed to be a boy. However, as I get older, I’m coming into my own and really loving the whole vintage-cute look, mixed with just a little bit of something high fashion, like a good haircut or a good pair of high boots that go over your pants.

Lately, I’ve been cutting my own hair. (You can see a picture of that in the recent picture of this post.) I know, I know, but I’m broke and don’t look like a squirrel Muppet from outer space, so it’s all good. There’s been a cut I’ve really wanted done for awhile, but was never able to find a picture of what I had in my head. I happened to be flipping channels last night and landed on a show called Scouted. Since there was nothing else on, I turned it on. Low and behold, they cut the one girl’s hair exactly how I was picturing mine, plus, it’s really similar to my natural hair color which I hope to go back too soon. I tried that, but the last hair color looked dark, but didn’t dye dark. I apologize for all the hair talk, so let me just get on with it. This is totally my hair cut.

To make it even better, every girl dreads that moment when they can’t pull their hair up, but not with this haircut. It’s even cute up!

Opinions? Thoughts? Time to yell at me for talking about hair? Also, I screen capped these off of Hulu, so all rights belong to Scouted and E! Television. If someone working for them comes across these and wants me to take them down, I’m cool with that. I will remove them quicker than the speed of light. I don’t want to be an accidental kleptomaniac again. And I also have an also to my also. This young lady’s name is Valenteen, therefore, she does not go unnamed. And yes, I am totally jealous that this haircut will forever look better on her than it ever will on me, but I’m trying not to think about it.

Anyway, hair isn’t the point of this blog, boys are, though I’m sure I could have fooled everyone there. I normally don’t talk about boys either seeing as I’m romantically challenged, but what the heck? Let’s just break all stereotypes here tonight, shall we?

The day before last, as it seems, was the day for boys. I live in the kind of place where if you’re seen one boy, you’ve seen them all, and none of them are particularly good looking or polite. For those reasons, I’m sure these boys weren’t from here, and am positive that at least two of them were not. But we’re going to ignore that and pretend they are and this is but a cute little fairy tale. Alright? Awesome.

Monday was the day of having adventures within an adventure. The first example of this was a seemingly harmless trip into the post office in where I had to check out three different times; first for stamps, second to ship something to Australia, and third for stamps again. I didn’t buy enough. No one said I was quick, however, I hadn’t left the parking lot yet, so it could have been worse. When I went back in to get stamps, I was waiting to be checked out and a man around my age in a military uniform that looked like Wade from Hart of Dixie strolled on in. I would have said something like hi, or mumble-mumble-mumble, but I couldn’t even get that out. Instead, I swiftly looked at the ground and walked out of the post office like that strange, socially awkward person no one befriends. Then, I got out to the parking lot to see that he had a hot, antique Chevy muscle car that he had repainted orange, the color of my first car. The car was so sexy that I could overlook painting an antique car, especially since the boy was so cute, and find it all lovely and wonderful. I still didn’t go back in and say hi. I am such a chicken-wimp.

After performing a bunch of other menial before Christmas tasks that I’m sure none of you want to hear about, I made my last stop at Tractor Supply. As I was making my way to the register with two salt blocks for my horses in one hand and horse treats in another, the man running the register called to two young guys around my age, asking them what part of Texas they were from. For any of you who know me, I have a thing for Southern guys. I don’t know if it’s the accent or the scruffiness, but I can’t hardly help myself, I swoon.

I was just reaching the point of register at the same time that the one Texas gentleman stopped to answer the cashier, causing us to have a mild collision. Then, in a movie centric moment, the Texan turned to me and then proceeded to say, “Excuse me, Ma’am” with a deep y’all drawl. I swooned so hard I was starting to think that I had ran into him and it was all my fault. Trust me, with a voice like that, he was excused. How many times in her life does a girl get a movie worthy moment like that? And all I could squeak out was, “You can tell he’s not from here. He said excuse me.” Funny, yes. Asking if he was single and staying here? No.

I’m not a shy individual, except when it comes to the gentleman. Of course, there’s probably three in this entire state, so maybe that’s why. I also am one of those people who goes out into public without bothering to put makeup on. I am fortunate that I have clear skin, however, I think instead of looking fresh and cute, I end up looking like I just threw myself together. It’s probably because when I go out, I usually do just throw myself together, seeing as when I do feel well enough to go out, I have a small window of opportunity before I feel crappy again.

Last night, however, my friend and I were talking about makeup while I was watching tutorials by the wonderful DiamondsandHeels14‘s on her YouTube channel. I have training on how to do makeup, and my friend was asking me about teaching her a few tips. I love doing makeup, I just typically don’t do it for reasons listed above. I also tend to do natural makeup so I look pretty much like I do without it, and have been dying to experiment with it.

I’m seriously considering doing a makeup tutorial of my own to show my friend, who is on the other side of the state, including some tricks and tips for girls with clear skin, since DiamondsandHeels14 covers how to cover up acne. I’ll also focus my tutorial on doing makeup with what you have, if you can’t afford the proper tools or all the snazzy new colors like I can’t, and how to make one product or tool work as another. I’ll direct my first tutorial on, as I said, foundation for clear skin. After I do that tutorial, I can do a more experimental video section, where I’ll use different makeup tutorials by DiamondsandHeels14 (And completely credit her, of course, because she is amazing. I won’t be doing a tutorial on her tutorial, just try doing my makeup by her tutorial.) to try and do something completely different with my own makeup, and keep trying new looks, since she gives you tutorials to a bunch of them.

After that, I’ll go out and public and report back on if I attracted more guys, because I’m thinking I’m going to have to cutesy myself up to do so, and if I felt more confident or not based on which look I went with. I think it’d be a pretty nifty experiment, and I’m putting my totally naked face and how I normally look out there, and showing the transformation. I think it would be an interesting social experiment that I could do a series on. I think it would make a neat blog with videos included. Thoughts?


Do you know what I did today? (Unless you’re psychic, the correct answer to this is no. If it is yes, then I must wonder why it is that you are stalking me. I’m going to have to ask you not to do that.) I got free hot chocolate and a lot of free cookies! Too many free cookies to eat! So many that they had to go into a bag and be brought home! And all on complete and pure happenstance.

I got up this morning with a lot of ouchies, because I’m totally mature and use words like ouchies and stummy, as opposed to stomach. After a week of decorating, moving boxes, and cleaning like no one’s business, I was in serious need of a chiropractor. I called him and HARK, he could get me in today. I called my mom to ask her which mode of payment made her wallet happier, since my doctors won’t let me work, so I get to be that twenty-six year old loser who has to live off her mom because Social Security insists I’m not sick, even though my doctors have repeatedly talked to them and told them that I AM sick and it’s them, the doctors, who are NOT allowing me to work. I get a little angry over that, so I’m just going to back away from the angry button and continue my story.

I was planning on going to the chiropractor, stopping in Target, and then going home, but my mom asked me to stop into her office and meet her there around 4:30, after I was done with all of those things. So I set out for my little adventure, and halfway there, through the insane traffic that caused it to take me twice as long to get to the chiropractor (Thank God I anticipated this and left early.) I happened to see a sign telling me that the town I just happened to be in was having a cookie tour that night, for free, from 5:00 to 8:00. This lined right on up with my day and just seemed all too perfect, so as soon as I got to my mom’s office, the first thing I said to her wasn’t hi, but, “TOWN IS HAVING A COOKIE TOUR TONIGHT! IT’S FREE AND THERE’S COOKIES! LET’S GO! WE’RE GOING!” In that exact tone. I think her whole office heard me, yet no one else went. Odd.

On the way into the center of town, which was less than a mile away, we stopped at the local Dunkin’ Donuts for my free birthday drink. The cashier was nice enough to give us both a cup so that we could split it and have hot chocolate as we walked and ate cookies. And walk and eat cookies we did. We were lucky that it was a cold night, but not holy shiz I am missing bodily parts because I froze them off. It was just, oh my goodness I’m cold. We can handle that kind of cold.

The tour was lovely, the town historic. We had a good time trolling the shops, meeting Santa and Mrs. Clause, and getting not only cookies, but the recipes to them, and boy do I love to bake. There was also a girl of about fourteen that ran in a shop and yelled, “MOTHER! WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME SANTA WAS, IN FACT, NOT REAL!” The way she said it, all mature and not as upset as one would think, was just a win. And then another lady had a conversation with a rocking chair, pardoning herself as she passed it and bumped into it. I wanted to make her my new best friend, as earlier I was telling a three-foot light up polar bear what a handsome fellow he was. I thought no one heard me, but the office finance woman had. Luckily, she’s used to me.

All in all, it was a pretty fancy night of happenstance, and so Christmasy. I love anything Christmas. What are you all doing fun and interesting for the holidays? What events are you taking in?

December 1st Is the Cat’s Pajamas…And So Are Birthdays

Today is my mom’s 29th Birthday. We have a lot of 29th Birthdays in this house. In fact, it seems like every year at least one person repeats their 29th Birthday. We won’t mention any names.

Now, everyone knows that December first is just the cat’s pajamas. It’s the day that everyone acknowledges the Christmas Holiday is in full swing and it’s too late to back out and run. It’s the day that all the boring channels start showing Christmas specials. And last but not least, it’s the day Norad starts tracking Santa and allows us to play fun kids games on its site. I mean, that allows kids to play fun kids games on its site. I mean…what’s Norad Santa Tracker again? Oh heck, who am I kidding? December first is the day that everyone is officially allowed to be a kid again for 25 days and it’s socially acceptable. (It’s also the beginning of the week of the CW taking my shows off for six weeks. Here’s looking at you, Hart of Dixie. But I’m trying to let that one go. It’s not working.) For all these reasons, except the ones in parenthesis, this is why December first is the most awesome day to have a birthday.

Today, we ventured out to an old mansion just fifteen minutes away, in a town we often go to, that we never knew was there. Folks, this happens to us a lot. Said mansion was owned by the Daughter’s of the American Revolution, something that I very naively thought was a myth and did not exist in this area. No need to announce that I’m dumb. I already got that. What was neat about this event was that the mansion was decorated with forty-five Christmas trees, all which were for sale, and all of which the proceeds would go to benefit fixing up the old mansion. We had a grand old time with those trees. Our favorite was an Arctic one, filled with polar bears and other happy Arctic animals that look cute, but could probably eat us alive. But isn’t that always the way?

This month we have plenty of Christmastime activities planned to keep us all busy and full of Christmas cheer. And if someone gets cranky, we’re just going to throw them on Santa’s lap and laugh at them for being too old to sit on Santa’s lap. It seems like a good plan to me. I don’t see any way in how that could go wrong.

But for now, let’s just enjoy the first before the season rushes by us in a blur. Let’s enjoy the Santas at the mall and the Christmas specials, and all the houses alight for the season. Let’s enjoy our last week of television shows we really like and hot guys on TV (Why are there practically none?) before our shows go into reruns, and let’s enjoy our family a little more, even if, while buying a gift, you’re thinking of how much you want to slap the person you’re getting a gift for since you never did like marrying into that family or how you’re considering getting a gift Aunt Ruth won’t like just to make up for her pinching your cheeks one too many times. But most of all, let’s all wish my mom a Happy Birthday since her birthday is on the coolest day of the year, which must make her a pretty cool person to wish a Happy Birthday to, right?