December 1st Is the Cat’s Pajamas…And So Are Birthdays

Today is my mom’s 29th Birthday. We have a lot of 29th Birthdays in this house. In fact, it seems like every year at least one person repeats their 29th Birthday. We won’t mention any names.

Now, everyone knows that December first is just the cat’s pajamas. It’s the day that everyone acknowledges the Christmas Holiday is in full swing and it’s too late to back out and run. It’s the day that all the boring channels start showing Christmas specials. And last but not least, it’s the day Norad starts tracking Santa and allows us to play fun kids games on its site. I mean, that allows kids to play fun kids games on its site. I mean…what’s Norad Santa Tracker again? Oh heck, who am I kidding? December first is the day that everyone is officially allowed to be a kid again for 25 days and it’s socially acceptable. (It’s also the beginning of the week of the CW taking my shows off for six weeks. Here’s looking at you, Hart of Dixie. But I’m trying to let that one go. It’s not working.) For all these reasons, except the ones in parenthesis, this is why December first is the most awesome day to have a birthday.

Today, we ventured out to an old mansion just fifteen minutes away, in a town we often go to, that we never knew was there. Folks, this happens to us a lot. Said mansion was owned by the Daughter’s of the American Revolution, something that I very naively thought was a myth and did not exist in this area. No need to announce that I’m dumb. I already got that. What was neat about this event was that the mansion was decorated with forty-five Christmas trees, all which were for sale, and all of which the proceeds would go to benefit fixing up the old mansion. We had a grand old time with those trees. Our favorite was an Arctic one, filled with polar bears and other happy Arctic animals that look cute, but could probably eat us alive. But isn’t that always the way?

This month we have plenty of Christmastime activities planned to keep us all busy and full of Christmas cheer. And if someone gets cranky, we’re just going to throw them on Santa’s lap and laugh at them for being too old to sit on Santa’s lap. It seems like a good plan to me. I don’t see any way in how that could go wrong.

But for now, let’s just enjoy the first before the season rushes by us in a blur. Let’s enjoy the Santas at the mall and the Christmas specials, and all the houses alight for the season. Let’s enjoy our last week of television shows we really like and hot guys on TV (Why are there practically none?) before our shows go into reruns, and let’s enjoy our family a little more, even if, while buying a gift, you’re thinking of how much you want to slap the person you’re getting a gift for since you never did like marrying into that family or how you’re considering getting a gift Aunt Ruth won’t like just to make up for her pinching your cheeks one too many times. But most of all, let’s all wish my mom a Happy Birthday since her birthday is on the coolest day of the year, which must make her a pretty cool person to wish a Happy Birthday to, right?

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