Do you know what I did today? (Unless you’re psychic, the correct answer to this is no. If it is yes, then I must wonder why it is that you are stalking me. I’m going to have to ask you not to do that.) I got free hot chocolate and a lot of free cookies! Too many free cookies to eat! So many that they had to go into a bag and be brought home! And all on complete and pure happenstance.

I got up this morning with a lot of ouchies, because I’m totally mature and use words like ouchies and stummy, as opposed to stomach. After a week of decorating, moving boxes, and cleaning like no one’s business, I was in serious need of a chiropractor. I called him and HARK, he could get me in today. I called my mom to ask her which mode of payment made her wallet happier, since my doctors won’t let me work, so I get to be that twenty-six year old loser who has to live off her mom because Social Security insists I’m not sick, even though my doctors have repeatedly talked to them and told them that I AM sick and it’s them, the doctors, who are NOT allowing me to work. I get a little angry over that, so I’m just going to back away from the angry button and continue my story.

I was planning on going to the chiropractor, stopping in Target, and then going home, but my mom asked me to stop into her office and meet her there around 4:30, after I was done with all of those things. So I set out for my little adventure, and halfway there, through the insane traffic that caused it to take me twice as long to get to the chiropractor (Thank God I anticipated this and left early.) I happened to see a sign telling me that the town I just happened to be in was having a cookie tour that night, for free, from 5:00 to 8:00. This lined right on up with my day and just seemed all too perfect, so as soon as I got to my mom’s office, the first thing I said to her wasn’t hi, but, “TOWN IS HAVING A COOKIE TOUR TONIGHT! IT’S FREE AND THERE’S COOKIES! LET’S GO! WE’RE GOING!” In that exact tone. I think her whole office heard me, yet no one else went. Odd.

On the way into the center of town, which was less than a mile away, we stopped at the local Dunkin’ Donuts for my free birthday drink. The cashier was nice enough to give us both a cup so that we could split it and have hot chocolate as we walked and ate cookies. And walk and eat cookies we did. We were lucky that it was a cold night, but not holy shiz I am missing bodily parts because I froze them off. It was just, oh my goodness I’m cold. We can handle that kind of cold.

The tour was lovely, the town historic. We had a good time trolling the shops, meeting Santa and Mrs. Clause, and getting not only cookies, but the recipes to them, and boy do I love to bake. There was also a girl of about fourteen that ran in a shop and yelled, “MOTHER! WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME SANTA WAS, IN FACT, NOT REAL!” The way she said it, all mature and not as upset as one would think, was just a win. And then another lady had a conversation with a rocking chair, pardoning herself as she passed it and bumped into it. I wanted to make her my new best friend, as earlier I was telling a three-foot light up polar bear what a handsome fellow he was. I thought no one heard me, but the office finance woman had. Luckily, she’s used to me.

All in all, it was a pretty fancy night of happenstance, and so Christmasy. I love anything Christmas. What are you all doing fun and interesting for the holidays? What events are you taking in?

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