Hair, Boys and Makeup Tutorials (I Feel Like Such a Girl)

Warning and disclaimer (Double duty! Whoot!): If you’re a guy, this post is going to do nothing but make you groan. If you read on, you can’t complain, because I totally warned you. I’m not usually one to do “girl posts” but I’m making an exception. I apologize in advance.

Sometimes I make fun of my own girlishness, because, the truth is, I’m just not all that girlie. Occasionally, I think there was a mistake and I was supposed to be a boy. However, as I get older, I’m coming into my own and really loving the whole vintage-cute look, mixed with just a little bit of something high fashion, like a good haircut or a good pair of high boots that go over your pants.

Lately, I’ve been cutting my own hair. (You can see a picture of that in the recent picture of this post.) I know, I know, but I’m broke and don’t look like a squirrel Muppet from outer space, so it’s all good. There’s been a cut I’ve really wanted done for awhile, but was never able to find a picture of what I had in my head. I happened to be flipping channels last night and landed on a show called Scouted. Since there was nothing else on, I turned it on. Low and behold, they cut the one girl’s hair exactly how I was picturing mine, plus, it’s really similar to my natural hair color which I hope to go back too soon. I tried that, but the last hair color looked dark, but didn’t dye dark. I apologize for all the hair talk, so let me just get on with it. This is totally my hair cut.

To make it even better, every girl dreads that moment when they can’t pull their hair up, but not with this haircut. It’s even cute up!

Opinions? Thoughts? Time to yell at me for talking about hair? Also, I screen capped these off of Hulu, so all rights belong to Scouted and E! Television. If someone working for them comes across these and wants me to take them down, I’m cool with that. I will remove them quicker than the speed of light. I don’t want to be an accidental kleptomaniac again. And I also have an also to my also. This young lady’s name is Valenteen, therefore, she does not go unnamed. And yes, I am totally jealous that this haircut will forever look better on her than it ever will on me, but I’m trying not to think about it.

Anyway, hair isn’t the point of this blog, boys are, though I’m sure I could have fooled everyone there. I normally don’t talk about boys either seeing as I’m romantically challenged, but what the heck? Let’s just break all stereotypes here tonight, shall we?

The day before last, as it seems, was the day for boys. I live in the kind of place where if you’re seen one boy, you’ve seen them all, and none of them are particularly good looking or polite. For those reasons, I’m sure these boys weren’t from here, and am positive that at least two of them were not. But we’re going to ignore that and pretend they are and this is but a cute little fairy tale. Alright? Awesome.

Monday was the day of having adventures within an adventure. The first example of this was a seemingly harmless trip into the post office in where I had to check out three different times; first for stamps, second to ship something to Australia, and third for stamps again. I didn’t buy enough. No one said I was quick, however, I hadn’t left the parking lot yet, so it could have been worse. When I went back in to get stamps, I was waiting to be checked out and a man around my age in a military uniform that looked like Wade from Hart of Dixie strolled on in. I would have said something like hi, or mumble-mumble-mumble, but I couldn’t even get that out. Instead, I swiftly looked at the ground and walked out of the post office like that strange, socially awkward person no one befriends. Then, I got out to the parking lot to see that he had a hot, antique Chevy muscle car that he had repainted orange, the color of my first car. The car was so sexy that I could overlook painting an antique car, especially since the boy was so cute, and find it all lovely and wonderful. I still didn’t go back in and say hi. I am such a chicken-wimp.

After performing a bunch of other menial before Christmas tasks that I’m sure none of you want to hear about, I made my last stop at Tractor Supply. As I was making my way to the register with two salt blocks for my horses in one hand and horse treats in another, the man running the register called to two young guys around my age, asking them what part of Texas they were from. For any of you who know me, I have a thing for Southern guys. I don’t know if it’s the accent or the scruffiness, but I can’t hardly help myself, I swoon.

I was just reaching the point of register at the same time that the one Texas gentleman stopped to answer the cashier, causing us to have a mild collision. Then, in a movie centric moment, the Texan turned to me and then proceeded to say, “Excuse me, Ma’am” with a deep y’all drawl. I swooned so hard I was starting to think that I had ran into him and it was all my fault. Trust me, with a voice like that, he was excused. How many times in her life does a girl get a movie worthy moment like that? And all I could squeak out was, “You can tell he’s not from here. He said excuse me.” Funny, yes. Asking if he was single and staying here? No.

I’m not a shy individual, except when it comes to the gentleman. Of course, there’s probably three in this entire state, so maybe that’s why. I also am one of those people who goes out into public without bothering to put makeup on. I am fortunate that I have clear skin, however, I think instead of looking fresh and cute, I end up looking like I just threw myself together. It’s probably because when I go out, I usually do just throw myself together, seeing as when I do feel well enough to go out, I have a small window of opportunity before I feel crappy again.

Last night, however, my friend and I were talking about makeup while I was watching tutorials by the wonderful DiamondsandHeels14‘s on her YouTube channel. I have training on how to do makeup, and my friend was asking me about teaching her a few tips. I love doing makeup, I just typically don’t do it for reasons listed above. I also tend to do natural makeup so I look pretty much like I do without it, and have been dying to experiment with it.

I’m seriously considering doing a makeup tutorial of my own to show my friend, who is on the other side of the state, including some tricks and tips for girls with clear skin, since DiamondsandHeels14 covers how to cover up acne. I’ll also focus my tutorial on doing makeup with what you have, if you can’t afford the proper tools or all the snazzy new colors like I can’t, and how to make one product or tool work as another. I’ll direct my first tutorial on, as I said, foundation for clear skin. After I do that tutorial, I can do a more experimental video section, where I’ll use different makeup tutorials by DiamondsandHeels14 (And completely credit her, of course, because she is amazing. I won’t be doing a tutorial on her tutorial, just try doing my makeup by her tutorial.) to try and do something completely different with my own makeup, and keep trying new looks, since she gives you tutorials to a bunch of them.

After that, I’ll go out and public and report back on if I attracted more guys, because I’m thinking I’m going to have to cutesy myself up to do so, and if I felt more confident or not based on which look I went with. I think it’d be a pretty nifty experiment, and I’m putting my totally naked face and how I normally look out there, and showing the transformation. I think it would be an interesting social experiment that I could do a series on. I think it would make a neat blog with videos included. Thoughts?

One thought on “Hair, Boys and Makeup Tutorials (I Feel Like Such a Girl)

  1. Speaking for the friend on the other side of the state…1) I’m honored to be part of a blog somewhere (yeah I’m pathetic, oh well LOL), and 2) I love your idea for the social experiment and blogging about it with vids and pics. Awesome idea! Can’t wait to start makeup 101!!

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