Presents From Australia

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE, Everyone! Aren’t you just so excited that in less than two hours, according to Norad, Santa will start his journey around the world?

I know I promises y’all a Cabela’s post, but, quite frankly, it’s Christmas and no one wants to look at sporting goods on Christmas. (Other than all men. In other words, people who don’t visit this blog.) I’ve also not had time within all the festivities of the season to sit down and upload all sixty three pictures that I may or may  not have gotten completely carried away like a freaking tourist and took. I’m just going to go ahead and save that post for later in the spirit of Christmas.

Yay, Christmas!

Yay, Santa!

This year, my friend from Australia, Rossi, suggested we do a gift exchange. In excitement to end all excitement, we did just that. I wanted to share the awesome gifts she got me, because I feel all special having presents that came from Australia. (Thank you, Rossi!) So while you all enjoy these pictures, I am wishing you a merry one and sending you lots of reindeer hugs. And yes, I am that cheesy.

Merry Christmas, y’all. Let me know what Santa brought everyone!

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