After Christmas Euphoria and Cabela’s

Hi everyone! How did you enjoy / survive your holiday? Did you eat lots of turkey and other noms with your families? Was Santa good to all of you? I hope there was a yes to both. If not, I’m going to the North Pole on the fifth to have a chat with Santa. If you’d like to come or would like me to put a word in for you, let me know.

Why am I going to the North Pole to chat with Santa, you may ask. (If not, you’re going to find out anyway. Sorry!) Well, this might seem trivial, but Santa was TOO good to me this year, and I must make the trip up there to thank him with some freshly baked cookies and a year’s supply of treats for his reindeer. I would have been happy with just the new Taylor Swift concert DVD, but he brought me lots of useful goodies, including a new video camera, which I’ve been wanting for as I love to make videos of my animals (I’m the crazy animal lady at 26. Leave me alone.). I think that deserves a trip to the North Pole, only I’m waiting until the fifth as to let Santa get a good rest before invading his space.

Yes, I do get a little too into the Christmas spirit. Why do you ask?

I could sit here and talk about my crazy Christmas spirit forever, however, I have a migraine caused by an antibiotic that I can’t get rid of because I can’t take my migraine medication with said antibiotic, even though my doctor gave me the antibiotic knowing I have to take this migraine medication. So now I’m no longer taking the antibiotic, waiting on a new one, and trying to get my migraine to go away. It’s a saga within a saga, but the point is, I just can’t sit here and type forever because my vision is all wonky and what not.

That being said, I took some new videos with my new camera that I will post hopefully tomorrow, migraine depending. When I do that, we’ll go on ahead and talk about Christmas a whole lot more. You can tell me what you got, I’ll show and tell what I got. We can squee like the women we are. It will be wonderful.

I usually do a whole week’s run of Christmas posts after Christmas, so this one is going to be the bah-humbug post. I’m sorry. For right now I’m going to be un-Christmasy and catch up on a post I promised weeks ago, which is the Cabela’s post. I finally have time where I don’t need my computer for something and can sit here and let all sixty pictures load into WordPress, so even though I’m two weeks late, I’ve got it covered. And if we want to be technical, we did end up stopping at Cabela’s as part of our Christmas trip to Overly’s and it was decorated for Christmas there, so this is still Christmasy, right?

Just a few notes about Cabela’s. It is awesome, even if you’re not an outdoorsy person. In fact, that makes it even more awesome. Now, you can see wildlife without getting nature on you. Yes, all of these pictures were really taken inside of a store, as denoted by some of the people whose heads ended up in my pictures. The store was so packed, more packed than our malls here. It was insanity, but understandable. There was an aquarium (Of which I don’t have pictures. Boo!), a whole large room of deer displays, an African animal display,  a mountain display with all seasons depicted on the sides of it, an entire plane, a bow shooting range, and so much more inside of this mall sized store. It was also the cleanest place I’ve ever been. You’d swear elves worked there, because nothing was out of place, you could eat off the floor (But please don’t.), and yet there were tons of people all over the gosh darn place, but you saw no workers cleaning anything up. It was just magically clean. So if you ever get to stop at Cabela’s, do it. (Not that I’m trying to tell you what to do.) And if my adventure hasn’t convinced you, maybe the pictures will.

P.S. – You might even meet a nice military man there and get to thank him for his service. I did!

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