The Christmas Animal Video Diaries

You guys, I am so sorry that I’m behind on my Christmas posts. By the time I’m done with the week’s worth of Christmas posts I had planned, you’ll all be out of the Christmas spirit and sick of it. (Some of you may be already. Me? I never run out of Christmas spirit. Usually.) Every year I do a nice little run of Christmas posts to make up for hardly posting prior to Christmas, and they run the whole week after Christmas. This year, clearly, was a huge fail. However, I do have good reason. I got unexpectedly thrown into an emergency paranormal case, and have been busy working on that. I was even at the person’s home for ten hours yesterday, and this case is far from over. So please bear with me and try to keep the Christmas spirit, por favor? I promise you that I am doing the best I can.

Anyway, let’s get back into the Christmas spirit and time warp back to last week, when it was Christmas Eve and we were all cheery and waiting for Santa to arrive. Do all of you have your time machines? Awesome! (Apparently the word awesome is being banned in 2012. I’m going to Kanye 2012 just to bring it back. I refuse to be clumped in with the masses and forget about it. I don’t want to hurt awesome’s feelings, so I shall use the world awesome! Besides, it’s only 2011, though it might be 2012 by the time I get this posted. I’m right down to the wire.)

Prior to Santa coming, my mom, who also doubles as Santa occasionally, gave me a Kodak Playfull video camera. She wanted me  to be able to have it so that I could tape the morning adventures when the real Santa did come. And for those of you who are being all Scrooge-like and stopped believing in Santa, who we all know exists, I have proof he was here. NORAD Santa Tracker, which is ran by Nasa, says he was, and that’s good enough for me. I even screen capped their website for proof.

See? So for all of those people out there who stopped believing in Santa, have some fun. Christmas is the time of the year to believe in anything, no matter what, just because you can.

Anyway, I was so excited to have my camera that I went to work figuring out how to use it (And still haven’t perfected that craft.) so that it would be ready for Christmas morning. Of course, I would never film people on Christmas morning, because we’re just not that cute and we’re a small family, so I decided to take videos of the animals because, aww, everyone loves animals!

The first video I took was right before Santa came. It was in a very sad attempt to figure out the camera, and is of the incomparably cute Greta Hayley. It’s really just a video of her sleeping, but I figured out my video camera because of that. Yay! Plus, who doesn’t love sleeping puppies? Scrooges, that’s who. Ignore the sound on the clip. It was a test and only a test that I couldn’t resist posting in the cuteness that was Greta Hayley. I also shot it in classic 70s home video mode, which is just one of the great features this camera comes with. (No, they’re not paying me to say any of this and I’m not affiliated with them.)

After finding out that, yes, my camera does work, and yes, I can hit the right button, I went to bed so that Santa would arrive (But not really, because I was up way past Santa time, but I didn’t see him.), and when I got up in the morning there were presents everywhere. This seemed like an awesome opportunity to use the camera, so we put the dogs out, then let them into the room with the presents and filmed it. This was also shot in 70s style home video. (All but one of these videos was.) I know it looks like there’s lots of gifts, but that’s a lie. Most of them were presents for the pets. Santa likes them best. Look for the flying kitty cameo and the most uninterested dogs in the history of Christmas. Don’t mind the shaky camera either. Someone over here was still getting used to their new toy.

Post the dogs opened their presents; See: we opened them, we gave them their cookies. It seems as though we have a thief in the house.

We moved on to the cats presents, and, as you can see, they were equally excited to open their presents and required just as much help as the dogs did. Pie the cat may have even given me a look like, “Bitch, I don’t want no presents. Show me the treats!” Ah, what a lovely crew we have here.

Even after giving me that look, Pie went on to prove that it was, in fact, the presents she was unexcited about, but it wasn’t because she wanted a treat. Girlfriend wanted the wrapping paper. Figures. You can never please a cat by trying, only by fate. I think this is my favorite video, unless you haven’t seen Pie Gets Brushed, which is a close second. Pie has issues.

Just in case you were wondering if Scamper did, in fact, get a toy, which was asked at the end of Pie’s Christmas video, you can find the answer here.

Next, I will posts the animals thoughts on Christmas. And by thoughts, I basically mean them standing there giving me faces when I asked them what they thought of Christmas. Coming after that is another makeup tutorial, so stick in there with me. While I’m sitting here blogging because I’m not a partier and completely boring, please enjoy your New Years. Be safe. Don’t drink and drive.

One thought on “The Christmas Animal Video Diaries

  1. How are you so perfect? I swear I melt a little when I read your posts. Your life seems so exciting, and I am sitting here with only one thing to talk about: cheese!

    P.S. I did get your card — THANK YOU. The holidays have just been a little mad and I completely forgot to let you know!

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