A Canary Yellow

I am still not back. This post is a lie when it comes to that. My doctor, a medical, qualified professional that knows about my life as a psychic medium, told me she could not explain my illness and to lay off of my paranormal cases effective immediately. That is what I’m doing, and slowly I’m getting better, but it’s so slow that it’s almost non existent. Until I’m back up to power, I’m going to be posting some videos and what not on my Tumblr, since I can do that from my phone seeing as this is the first I’ve been on my computer in days.

So head on over to my Tumbr and have a ball…or something. Or two balls. Yeah, I went there. What of it? We’re all pretending to be adults here.


Hi awesomesauce friends and amazeball readers! I just wanted to apologize for not getting all the Christmas posts up before you all ran out of the Christmas spirit. I’d apologize for not changing my layout, but, quite frankly, the one and only winter theme on WordPress sucks monkey balls, therefore, I think Santa is staying up for awhile. (P.S. – Does anyone know how to get new themes on here without downloading something, doing the hokey pokey, and skipping through a forest of sandpaper? Anyone? This kind of makes me miss Blogger, which had never ending themes.)

Anyway, what I’m actually here to say is to please hang in with me. I will finish the blogs I’ve started and have planned on starting. However, I fell ill on Sunday in a big way and am currently awaiting a cat scan. So please hang in there with me until I get things sorted out. I haven’t deserted you all. When I will be back will depend on the results and the treatment.

For now, please enjoy this picture of a cute puppy. Everyone loves cute puppies.