Dear Sinus Infection, I’m Boring. Skedaddle

Hey guys. Yeah, I’m still sick. I know that sounds like a punchline to a joke, but it’s not. I have the sinus infection that refuses to go away. I’ve begged, I’ve pleaded, and I may have cried a few times, but it’s just not having it at all. But that’s okay, it can’t hang around forever. Eventually it will get bored with me and leave. I’m surprised it hasn’t already. Let’s just talk about the productive things I’ve done this month.

Okay, and now that we’ve talked about that…

Seriously, I’ve been so sick I’ve done nothing productive this month or last month. I can’t imagine whatsoever how this sinus infection isn’t bored out of my skull with me.

Since this started on January first, I have done the following:

Slept a lot. That one pretty much explains itself.

Our washer broke, so I had to go to my aunt’s to do laundry, and while I was there I obviously couldn’t sleep, but I wanted to sleep, so that wasn’t very exciting.

And when all of that excitement ended promptly and I was really left with nothing to do but sleep some more, I used my waking hours to catch up on all four seasons of Flashpoint and all three of Veronica Mars, links included for your enjoyment or boredom ass biting. To be fair, I’m not quite done with Veronica yet, therefore, let’s talk like girlfriends about these shows, because, let’s face it, I have nothing else to do. And if you’re a guy, I wish I could say I apologize for calling you a girlfriend, but I don’t, because I’m still going to write this like you’re my best girlfriend.

Since I’m a fan of being fair to all animate and inanimate objects, as well as things that aren’t even objects, let’s talk about Flashpoint first, since it comes first alphabetically. I never watched this show, my mom always did. In fact, I had no interest in watching another procedural drama. And then one night at midnight as I was attempting, and failing, at coughing up a lung and couldn’t sleep, I happened to catch the rear end of an episode. After catching the last ten minutes and one particularly strange scene about ten minutes in, that led me to one question and one question only. What is wrong with Spike?

I admit now, maybe that was unfair. In my defense, I guess you had to see the pieces of the episode I saw. I thought he wasn’t okey-dokey in the head, and I couldn’t understand how he was on a strategic response team, which made me go back and watch the whole episode with still no answer. Two other people got involved, both which insisted there was nothing wrong with him, and then I just had to watch the whole show from the beginning, because from the episode I saw, it really didn’t look that way.

Turns out, he is okey-dokey in the head and really just had a bad life. That episode was his life laughing at him and him not having a good day with all of that. So in retrospect, shame on me. To be fair, now I find him pretty good to look at AND I love his character. I know the guy who plays him is thirty-nine. Don’t look at me like that. He’s still good to look at.

Now that I’ve embarrassed myself publicly (Not like this is something new.), I know you all probably don’t know this about me, but for the past five years that I’ve had all three seasons of Veronica Mars, it’s been my goal to watch them all in succession. I have lofty goals, I know. The problem was, I kept forgetting. But, as it turns out, Flashpoint was swell at reminding me of that, too, because the same guy who plays Greg, the lead character in Flashpoint, also plays her dad in Veronica Mars. See how Flashpoint helped me out there in the reminder department?

Let me just start by saying, I love her dad. Love her dad. As a girl with no father who was the same age as Veronica was when the show was on, I was totally jealous of how awesome he was. As a girl who is now the age Veronica would be and still has no father, I am still totally jealous of how awesome he is. I can not say this enough: Coolest dad ever! If they don’t bring him back for the purposed movie, I’m not watching. Let me just throw that out there now, and probably make a liar out of myself when I can’t resist and, three years later, end up caving when it makes it to TV.

Veronica is also awesome. Undeniable. I like to think I’m the real world version of a mix between Melinda Gordon and Veronica Mars. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, this is totally why I can’t get a date. But Veronica kind of kicks ass, unless it’s your business she’s in, or you friend her…and what not. Still, I love watching her, here, from the comfort of my own home.

Also, I know I’m only on season 2, but why is it not as awesome as season 1? Season 1 was so perfect, so calculated, that although the show continues to rock the socks right off of me, I just don’t think another season will top it. Thoughts?

If all of the above non-productive things haven’t been enough to chase off my sinus infection, I’ve also watched this video 293742924 times  (Number not approximated.) just to see the scene with the water cooler guy, because it brings the lols. I’ve also recently fallen in love with this video, and by recently, I mean yesterday, when it came out. (No, I don’t totally love Taylor’s music. Why do you ask?) Of course, yesterday, I also wondered if Asian Otters spoke English. I’d like to think it’s the medication. If it’s not, I’m totally screwed, but thoughts like that, ones that no sane, normal person would think without medication (Totally not saying I’m sane or normal, but I’m sane and normal enough to know otters don’t speak any language but, well, otter.), have been running rampant while on my medication and are why I’ve mostly avoided the internet. No one needs to hear me rant about English speaking otters while on medication. No one.

All in all, though, after reading this post, assuming you haven’t fallen asleep by now, would you really want to hang out with me? Would you really want to sleep and watch reruns of television shows and the same Taylor Swift video a zillion times? Would you? No? Then why won’t this sinus infection get bored with me and leave me alone already? Cookies to anyone who can answer this, because I don’t have a clue.

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