The Product of Sickness and Boredom

What happens when you’re still sick and have no idea what in the heck to do with yourself? You cut and dye your own hair and give yourself a totally new look. I know. We all wish I was kidding, but I’m not.

I needed a new look. I liked my old one just fine. It wasn’t that. I was bored as shiznozzle (Whatever that may be.) and felt like the lighter hair color that I had dyed my hair made me look so young. I look young anyway, the hair color wasn’t helping. In my defense, the reason I had dyed it in the first place was to take it back to my original color from the grown out red, because I totally had the whole hombre hair coloring going on and I was ready to move on. Said color ended up coming out way lighter than it looked on the box, so enter the hair color Aunt Bev got me for Christmas to try to dye it back to my natural color once it grew it.

It grew out. It and all my grays I’m getting at twenty-six. Awesome. However, I have been told that I’m lucky I’m graying so late in this family. Yay.

I went in the bathroom to trim my hair. No one likes split ends…or being poor. Unfortunately, both applies to me, so I had one option, which was to trim my own hair. It’s not the first time I’ve done it, so I thought I’d give myself more layers and a more piece-y do. I saw a cut I liked, and I went for it. I was so excited with it that I decided to dye it right then at that moment instead of the next day.

So now I’m back to my normal hair color, with a new haircut. The good news is, I apparently didn’t cut it like a squirrel Muppet from outer space. I was at the chiropractor today, and she told me my hair looked really cute, plus asked me where I got it done. She’s not obligated to tell me this, because we’re friends and I’ve known her forever and a Christmas. She doesn’t tell me anything to amuse me anymore. I told her I cut it and she told me I should cut it all the time. No, thank you, but I’m glad she thought it was cute.

Because Aunt Bev reads this blog, I thought I’d share my new look with you all. Maybe I should be a hair dresser? One day? When I’m not sick anymore. Is that ever going to happen?


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