A Trip to the Library

Today, I had a return visit to my toe doctor after having surgery on my foot. Oh, I didn’t mention that earlier? That was on purpose. No one wants to hear about anyone else’s toe surgery. For whatever reason, my mom insisted on going with me, feigning that if he messed with my toe too much that I might not be able to drive. It was not my driving foot that had the surgery. Regardless, it explains how my mom ended up on this journey.

On the way home, she wanted to stop for tax forms at our local library, because she’s so 1987 and doesn’t want to pull them off of the internet and print them. She’d rather drive somewhere for them, but I digress. I had never been to this particular library before, so I was shocked to learn upon entering the large building that it’s about the size of a normal public restroom. This would have been okay if one lady had not come into an otherwise empty library while we were there.

In all of the deep quietness, suddenly a voice rang through. Some woman came bursting through the door, went straight to the librarian, of whom she seemed to know, and then started going on about Plant a Flower Day. This would have been alright if she was simply talking about it. This woman, however, had herself in a tizzy because she “had so much to do before Plant a Flower Day,” and she “just wasn’t ready for it this year.” She was genuinely upset, folks!

Try as we might, my mom and I were not able to escape her with our laughter, so we had to act like we were laughing at tax forms. It wasn’t easy, but in a library that small, you have to improvise. When I got home, I just had to Google the holiday and find out if it was legit and what this lady’s fuss was all about it. Though I still don’t know the latter of the options, I’m going to encourage everyone to plant a flower for Plant a Flower Day. I’m afraid if you don’t that this lady will actually know and will probably have a coronary, and I just can’t have a lady’s hyperventilation caused death on my hands.

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