All the Old Person Behavior, None of the Old Person

Hi all. Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. I actually hurt my arm, and it’s in a splint. This is how I feel about that.

At least, I’m supposed to be wearing the splint. Let me tell you all a little story. The splint I have is a piece of junk. The adult smalls are too big for my wrist, while the pediatric ones squish my hand together. We went with the pediatric one, because the goal was to immobilize my wrist, and after a day in the adult small that just wasn’t happening. Incidentally, the splints my doctor’s office has are crap. In less than a week my splint started coming apart. The doctor told me not to wear it because it could hurt my wrist more, and that I should get a new one. The person in charge of the splints inside the office told me she couldn’t get me another one in that size, so I had to wear the one I had. I’m just free-balling it now, because I have no idea what they want me to do. I even told the doctor she couldn’t get me a new one, but apparently she “has” to. I guess can’t isn’t in his dictionary of words. I’m probably not supposed to be typing, but until someone can figure out what to do with this arm and come to an actual, reasonable solution, I’m just causing issues all over the place.

In all my complete and absolute boredom and non excitement, three other things have happened. Neither are important, but they are as follows.

One is this:

That’s right, in all my sitting around and being unfun (Did I mention I currently am fighting a yeast infection, staph infection and ecoli infection? I don’t ask how these things happen. This is how my body hates me.), my cat has decided that he’s a boob perv. Typical guy.

I also joined Walk With Walgreens. That’s right I was just sitting here, minding my own business and watching The Celebrity Apprentice last night when they started talking about this program. I was down for it, because I have to walk a half an hour a day for my migraines and I’m also a complete coupon crazy, so to be able to get coupons for doing something I already do was right up my alley. Yep, I’m an eighty year old lady without the retirement home. Here’s some pictures from my oot and aboot walk.

I also learned that I really enjoy redneck shows such as Duck Dynasty and My Big Redneck Vacation. What? Rednecks are amusing. You can’t tell me they aren’t. I guarantee you they’re out there having more fun than all of you reading this combined. Since that’s probably two people, it makes sense.

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