Craigslist, Man – Part 2

Oh, you guys. I have an update from the earlier Craigslist debacle.

The same person who wants my vanity, has offered me well under market value and wanted me to call them after I said I could not just sell that piece separately, will not let it go. He continues to email me regarding the piece. Now he’s willing to give me $300, which is what I’d ask for it separately, but I have still explained to him more than once that I have to sell one other piece of furniture with that piece, because if I don’t I won’t have room for the piece of furniture I want, and that will leave me with nowhere to put what was inside of the piece he wants. Now he’s emailing me asking me to pass his information on to whomever buys my set. I just don’t know what planet people come from. If someone buys the entire set, they’re going to want that piece. I’m not going to rape them with this guy’s information. As I told him, if someone buys the furniture and doesn’t want that piece I will let him know first. If he doesn’t let this go, I’m going to have to fall in love with the block button all over again.

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