Craigslist, Man.

Craigslist selling is hard. Mostly because people are crazy. I’m not saying I’m not a little crazy, too, but I will certainly be crazier when this is said and done.

I figured selling my furniture would be a chore. I thought certain people might want certain pieces of furniture. I decided if it took selling the pieces separately to sell the set, I would. The problem is, everyone wants the exact same piece. No one wants any of the other pieces. The other problem is, if I just sell that piece, I still can’t get a new piece of furniture because I’d have to sell another piece to fit the furniture I want in my room. No one wants to take the other piece too. I’d also have to find out what to do with the stuff in that one piece until someone does come along and buy the other piece, and even then there’s no guarantee. So essentially I might be better to keep the set than sell that piece.

If it helps, I even have one person arguing with me over that piece. I don’t think they understand I do not have to sell it to them, especially when the ad states I would prefer to sell as a set, and selling pieces separately would have to be a choice I’d have to make depending on the piece. They’re also offering me $250 without seeing it. The piece is worth $500 new and was appraised for $400 used. How nice of them. They’re trying to bully me by saying they’ll buy it in a store if I don’t sell it to them immediately. The furniture went out of production in early 2010. I do my homework. Now he wants me to call him. I’m not going to call and be bullied on the phone. Not cool, people.

As for the clipper lady, she didn’t get back to me. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to better sell items on Craigslist or any other site?

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