Karma Poop

I know it probably seems as if I’ve abandoned telling you all fun stories, or that my life abandoned throwing them at me. The truth is, I’ve still got them. In fact, I’ve got more than ever. The only problem? They involve other people, and I have a rule to never add stories about other people unless I ask them first. I haven’t asked anyone if I can blog about them. I was trying to save that amount of dork for later.

There are two stories that I can tell you by leaving relatively anyone out of it and without saying anything personal. Both of these stories happened while visiting some friends at a local college. The college is right in the middle of a very small town, so you have a ton of college kids, college life, and regular houses containing college kids mixed in with everyday Joe’s. There’s no way this could go right.

The first story, however, had nothing to do with the college kids and everything to do with an older gentleman. My friends and I were walking to their place, minding our own business, when I happened to look up and see said gentleman pushing his lawn mower down the sidewalk. Then I realized the lawn mower was on. He didn’t make any haste to move off of the sidewalk. Instead, he just continued to mow the sidewalk for upwards of two minutes. We all saw it. There were four witnesses. We were all laughing too hard to take pictures. Sorry, everyone.

A little while later, while we were standing outside and being ever so helpful while waiting for one friend to move his stuff out of his apartment and not helping whatsoever, a bird flew along and pooped right smack dab on the middle of one of the guy’s shirts. Karma, guys. It does exist. Help someone move or you’ll get pooped on.

Lesson learned.

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