Good Advice

I am one of those people who will habitually under-react to every single situation. The earth can be crumbling in and I will calmly plot all the reasons to fix it, and then freak out hours later when it’s all said and done. I’ve been through too much with my health and in my life to do anything different. I was always the one who had to keep it together when someone died, which has happened numerous times, or someone got sick, or someone needed something, or something went wrong. It’s instilled in me to act first and panic second. In most given situations, such as being robbed at gunpoint at work and having my life threatened by a man looking for his pregnant girlfriend who was hiding out in the bathroom of the place I worked, this has been a good thing. It’s probably saved my butt in a pinch a few times.

In other situations, non dire ones, this can also become my own downfall. I want to give people I care about a chance, so when something gets weird or goes wrong, I’m always the first one to go up to bat for that person with legitimate excuses about why things went the way they did. I never want to falsely accuse someone of something or make a big ordeal out of something that probably isn’t a big ordeal. What ends up happening, however, is I choose the wrong times to do this and end up getting heart-screwed.

What I’m saying here, gals, is don’t waste time on someone when you like them more than they like you. You will get hurt. If you’re thinking, but I wouldn’t do this to that person, or I would do this for that person, and the same isn’t happening, cut your losses, cry in a tub of ice cream, and then move on. It’s good advice. If only I would take it.

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