It’s Always An Adventure

We got a little bit of snow yesterday. By a little bit, I mean we live right in a snow belt and were completely living in a white out. Add that they don’t come and plow our road unless absolutely crucial, and we live in a hollow, so all of the excess water runs straight onto the road and freezes, leaving our road the perfect little ice slick. With all of this comes a lot of boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I took pictures like a freaking tourist, because it was gorgeous. See?

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But it still made for a bored girl at home.

I started out my day with some coffee. Listen, the only reason I’m showing you this picture is because the whipped cream makes my snowman cup look like he has a hat. This makes me giggle.


Since I was bored, I’m going to share all the random crap that occurred to me while being bored. I should mention that my mom had turned on a 24 marathon, and if you’ve never seen the show, it becomes the most debilitating thing ever, because you absolutely¬† have to know what happens. There is just one fatal flaw with the show. It over estimates human intelligence. For instance, Jack asked a civilian where they were kidnapped from. Their answer was “They kidnapped me at the corner of Mulhad and Culpepper.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I rarely know what road I’m on. A real person’s answer would be more like this: “You know that new WalMart they put in? If you take the road that runs parallel to it about a half mile and then turn down the road by that funky tree that got hit by lightening a few years back and go to that house with the gnomes in their yard; that’s where they kidnapped me from. I don’t know what road that is.”

These conversations also happened as a result of being snowed in. You’ve gotta love mine and Kat’s conversations.

Kat: “Ok, phew. I thought we were going to the lesbians with cats and doilies stage a bit prematurely for a minute there.”

Me: “I thought autocorrect corrected something and I accidentally hit on you.”

One time autocorrect made me accidentally hit on my friend’s mom. True story.

We have this disaster as well.

Kat: “Okay. So. Listening to Technologic by Daft Punk. So. Catchy.”

Me: “How catchy? Like, did it chase you down in a runaway vehicle and save your life or did it just accidentally grab the back of your shirt in a supermarket and didn’t let go?”

Today, I had myself a little adventure. For those of you who know me, you know adventures find me, and myself and adventures have a long history of ridiculousness. On this particular adventure, all I wanted to do was somehow wiggle my way off of my road for dog food. It was a little hinky getting out of my road, but I made it. Little did I know that was going to be the easy part of this adventure. I live in a trucker stopover town where there’s a bunch of gas stations and a Sheetz, so getting a small bag of dog food to tide us over shouldn’t have been that hard, right?

Wrong. Sheetz was out of dog food, which I had a feeling they were going to be. I went to Sunoco. They wanted nine dollars for a four pound bag of dog food. NINE DOLLARS! That’s highway robbery. I can get a sixteen pound bag for 9.99, but I’d have to go to an actual store. It turns out, that became my only choice; throw away money I didn’t have or make the trek to the nearest store ten miles away and hope the rest of the roads are pretty alright. I chose to take the risk on the roads, because it made me physically ill to get ripped off that bad, and the roads turned out to be fine, aside from our road.

The problem became that Target had Christmas cards on sale. As a former Hallmark girl, I get a little stupid when placed in a room with cards that are on sale and immediately convince myself I need them ALL. Long story short, I ended up with eleven boxes of cards. ELEVEN. I’m set for the next four thousand Christmases. Anyone needs cards?


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