How Does This Even Happen, Zazzle?

I wanted to be so dazzled with Zazzle. I had heard such good things about them in the past and was excited to try them. I had found the perfect mouse pad for Aunt Bev for her birthday. Her cat loves to run across her keyboard, often helping her when she emails me, and she uses her desk as mouse pad, so when I found a mouse pad that had a cat sticking its head in front of the computer saying, “You are not paying attention to me. This is unacceptable,,” I practically thought fate had fallen upon me. When there was a sale and I could get free shipping on Zazzle, I knew it was meant to be. Only, this happened.


No, I didn’t take a picture and flip it around. This is what I received. This has to be one of the stupidest, albeit, funniest mistakes I’ve ever seen. How does this even happen? Where is the quality control? If, by chance, it managed to slip through all of those people who should be making sure this doesn’t happen, how does the person packing it not notice this? I only ordered one item. They would have had to have looked at it to put it in the box. I feel like they saw it and were like, eh, I don’t get paid enough to care.

I called costumer service and was told to send them a picture. They’ve been really good about things. They’re going to send me a replacement without making me have to send this one back, however, I bought this as a gift. Had I not bought this so far in advance, I’d have no mouse pad. The replacement process is apparently tricky and lengthy. I have to wait for the returns department to approve it, and then they’ll ship another one. By the time this is all said and done, I will have had a good month between ordering this and getting a non-defective one.

And I have to hope the new one is right. I’ve seen a lot of weird and dumb mistakes from companies with shipping and have gotten them resolved. Though Zazzle is being good about this, I don’t think I’d order from them again. This is such a ridiculous mistake and the product should have never even made it to the shipping warehouse, forget getting shipped out. I’m just really grateful that I ordered this well in advance or I’d be out a present. Has anyone ever had a similar experience with Zazzle?

This was how my day started out on Monday, and it just kind of got more stupid from there. This was just a preset for my day, warning me of how it was going to go. I should have listened. My day thought it was funny, and it kind of was, but I don’t want it to know that.

Because I’m apparently not nerdy enough, I had to get braces. That’s kind of funny in itself, considering I am twenty-seven. And they’re not so bad, because I got the ceramic ones and you can barely see them. See?


That was the good part. The bad part was that everything we tried to do, my gums weren’t having, because my autoimmune issues cause them to swell and be very sensitive. Therefore, the price I thought I was going to pay and the price I had to pay to get around my gum issues were significantly different. I feel a little Grumpy Cat about that.

After that, I went to Target. This should have been an in, out and wham, bam, thank you ma’am kind of situation. But it’s me, so it wasn’t. In my buggy, I had a lot of cat food, dog food and cat litter, along with a few smaller items. I knew what my total should be, and what my total was wasn’t it. I decided to go out to the car and go over everything. As I was unloading my buggy, I found an item not in a bag. Yep, it was hiding within things and I forgot to pay for it. I was just getting ready to go back in and pay for it when I saw that I hadn’t been charged for something else I had bought. It somehow hadn’t gotten scanned by the cashier. I went inside, explained the predicament, paid and went back out to my car.

That should have been the end of it…for most people. This is me. That wasn’t the end of it. Now, instead of paying less than I knew I needed to pay, now I had oddly paid a few dollars more. I poured back over my receipt and saw that there was some strange charge for wet dog food. That was about the only thing I hadn’t bought. Then it hit me. I had bought a variety pack for my dogs that had wet dog food in it. That was the one thing that didn’t get scanned and I had to go back in and pay for. The cashier did scan it, but somehow, through the packaging, it targeted the wet dog food instead of the actual bar code and rung it up. So, you guessed it, I had to go back in and get a refund for the wet dog food since I had gone in earlier and paid for the variety pack. It took me over an hour just to get out of Target.

I was just happy to make it through Monday.

Tomorrow is going to be a whole new story. I have my appointment with the neuro-opthalmologist to determine if I have a tumor behind my eye that isn’t showing up on the MRI and is causing the pressure in my brain. We know my brain thinks it has a tumor, but we don’t know why. Nothing has shown up on the MRI. Tomorrow I will know if that is a legitimate option. If there’s no tumor, this will definitely rule it out, and then we get to figure out why my brain insists there is and get the pressure off my brain. We’re moving forward.

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