When Poor Shipping Skills and Deficient Mail Carriers Meet

I am a fan of the Stupid Shipping Gang stories on The Consumerist. After ordering so much stuff online, it was only a matter of time before I had my own story. Folks, today was that day.

Before I even go there, on that long, ridiculous winding road, let’s back up to a story I told you about over a week ago. Zazzle shipped me a present for Aunt Bev. Lucky for me, the present ended up being super funny, because it was printed backwards. You couldn’t read any of the writing on it unless you were a student at M.I.T. or indefinitely cross-eyed. Aunt Bev is neither, so this posed a problem.

I contacted Zazzle, and the man on the phone (Kevin) proved to be funny and helpful. I liked him a lot and wondered if he was single, but since that’s not what this post is about, we’re not going to talk about that. I sent him a picture of the item and got an email saying that a replacement was being sent out and to expect it in a few days. That part was easy as pie. They were very good about simply sending me a new one without me having to send the old one back. What wasn’t so fantastic was that over a week went by and I hadn’t received the replacement. Seeing as they had given me no tracking number, nor did they tell me what courier they were sending the package by, I had no idea what was going on. I was just going to call them today when it arrived. It is printed correctly and is as fun as I thought it would be. The packing slip seemed to indicate that they charged me twice; once for the first item that was wrong, and for the replacement. They didn’t, but they way they had it written out looked like they had, so I had to spend time straightening that out.

Between a stupid printing error, not knowing what was going on with the replacement, and the confusion over if they charged me twice or not, I don’t know if I’d order from then again. Since this was a present, I was glad to have ordered it far enough ahead of time to account for two weeks worth of errors. If I had to have it for a certain day, I wouldn’t have. Then I didn’t know where the replacement was for over a week and assumed it had been lost or had run away from home. (You don’t know our neighbors. This is entirely possible.) I don’t know that I would reorder from Zazzle because, in my experience, they’re unreliable and don’t communicate what is going on with your package well. I even signed into my account online thinking that it would tell me more about what was happening with my replacement, but my online account showed no mention of replacement package and kept insisting I review the item. Furthermore, they kept sending me surveys about their customer service, and without having actually received a replacement at that point, I really didn’t now how to accurately rate their customer service. They have cute Grumpy Cat things, so I’m disappointed.

As for the Stupid Shipping Gang story, this one belongs to Kohl’s. To be fair, our specially handicapped substitute mail person also helped out on this one, so let’s give her a round of applause, because Lord knows she’s not going to get it for doing her job well. I cruised down to the mailbox today to, well, you can figure that out. The box wasn’t closed fully because there was a package in it that clearly didn’t fit. The reason I know this was the sub that delivered it was that any time a package or anything other than paper mail comes, our regular mail lady leaves it on the porch. Our sub will shove anything and everything into the box, even though common sense would dictate it doesn’t fit when you find yourself unable to close the box.

I was excited to see that the sponges I ordered from Groupon had arrived a day early. They were small and would be shipped in one of those plastic bags. Then I pulled it out and looked at the address label and didn’t know if I needed to be more angry at the mail lady for, once again, failing to properly do her job, or for Kohl’s for packing things poorly.

One thing I learned from Kohl’s today is that men clearly head their shipping department, because any woman would know that you can not simply put bras into one of those plastic shipping bags. Guys, take lessons. Bras can’t be crushed or it messes up the cups and they don’t fit right. In case you ever find yourself a career in packing, I will save you a complaint from a consumer. Put all bras in a box. Women will be all over you like yellow on a canary. That’s a whole lot of all over you. Not only that, guys, but this is clothing in a bag that can, and will, rip.


I called Kohl’s immediately, and as soon as I told the lady what happened, she agreed they should not have been sent that way. She told me if there were any issues with the bras that I could return them in store and reorder bras at the same sale price I got them for originally. They, too, would likey ship in the same packaging. This made sense to someone, I’m sure.

Two of the bras were misshapen beyond wear-ability. One was snagged by whatever made the hole and it was causing it to bunch up since the part that was snagged was a silk like material. The other had the cup crushed, and though I had ordered more than one of the same bra, it did not fit no matter what I did. The cup was so deformed that it just kept warping. Now I have to make an unwanted trip to Kohl’s to get my money back since they inadequately packed my bras and the mail person decided to help ruin them. Just to give you an idea of just how much the bras did not fit in the mailbox, I have large bras and there were six of them in the bag. Two would have been a tight fit. Also, see the above picture and tell me if anyone who had common sense would think that would fit in a mailbox.

I have some more packages coming this week, such as the sponges I previously mentioned, and my cowboy boots which were sent outside of the time frame that I was told they’d be sent in. If they get here tomorrow like they’re supposed to, they would have gotten here rather quickly, so that’s a perk. My first subscription box from Pawalla shipped out today. Once it arrives, I will let you know all about it, pictures included.

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