Madder Than Two Rhinos Forced to Watch Barney On Repeat

I have never been so angry in my life. If you take all of the times I’ve ever been angry and put the together, they don’t even come close to how angry I am right now.

Let me back up and catch you all up on what’s gone on since my inaugural vlog, before I even get into the total b.s. that is today. First, I am back  home. I was back home the same night I was in the hotel for two reasons. One, the hotel was full of construction workers who, though they had designated parking spaces by their own building, chose to park right outside my room, a room that was in a totally different building than theirs. They were loud and disruptive and constantly in and out of their cars. Greta was upset and couldn’t settle because of it, so all that was happening was that I was getting aggravated by the situation and knew neither of us would sleep, so I came home. I can’t be alone because of my passing out and seizure like spells and must have Greta with me if there is no human to stay with me, so staying alone with no crying dog was not an option. Not to mention that the construction guys were a tad creepy and I was the only one in the particular building I was staying in. No big deal. We’ll find another hotel in the morning.

The next day we got a check in the mail from our insurance that was supposed to be for the hotel room, like the insurance agent promised. We come to find out that by, “The insurance will pay for your hotel room,” and I do quote that, he actually meant they would send up an advance on the money to repair the house, and we would still owe the difference the hotel room cost us in the end. We don’t have money for a hotel room, and the fact that our house isn’t done yet is entirely the insurance agent’s fault. He’s awful. He has no idea what he’s doing or talking about. He told us we couldn’t have mold from water leakage and water and dampness didn’t cause mold. Luckily our contractor knew better. He also had surgery and was off for awhile, but never passed on our case for someone else to look at and just let it sit. We still do not have our check for the repair work that needs done after two and a half months, going on three, to have the work done. Luckily, we called and explained the entire situation to the construction crew coming out, and the guy who owns the company, having worked with this particular agent numerous times, agreed to come out and start the work even though we don’t have the check. He is personally willing to fight with the agent himself for the check. God bless him.

This brings us to another debacle. Though we are thankful he is coming out, he promised us a few days notice. I’m obviously still sick and unable to clear everything out of my room and closet very quickly. I’ve been trying to rest and get better and was awaiting his call. Once he called, I would have a few days to pack my stuff at my own pace. He calls around noon today and says he’ll be out at 7:30 tomorrow morning. We’re so glad he’s coming out, but that meant that I had to get everything moved out of my room and packed, closet included, when I can’t walk around without my oxygen dropping, in less than twenty four hours. Add that to the fact that I had an appointment today and was going to be gone several hours. My room is partially finished and everything is, by some miracle, out of my closet. My chest hurts. I can’t breathe. I’m going to have to get up super early tomorrow and finish this, because I physically can’t tonight.

Meanwhile, I’ve learned many more things about my care at the hospital that have ticked me off. I finally got to pour over my discharge papers with a fine tooth comb. Not much is right on them, including that they tried to give me medications that I specifically told them I was allergic to, and all which I refused. Only they made it sound as if I were being difficult and didn’t want to take them. They shouldn’t have even been giving them to me in the first place. Nothing in my medical history was right, which ticks me off, because all of my medical conditions are already in their system, so I have no idea where they’re getting their information. They really did try to give me medications that had nothing to do with why I was there, like two different stool softeners for a breathing problem. They tried to give me a medication that I had tried before and there are extensive notes in the computer system about why I can’t take it. The list goes on.

The most important screw up was that they told me it was necessary to see a pulmonary doctor within seven days to get my test results, because they chose to release me without telling me what was going on, which should have never happened. I called my own pulmonary doctor and explained the situation. My doctor didn’t have anything until July, so central scheduling transferred the call to the office itself so that I could talk to the person in charge of scheduling and let them know that this was an emergency and I had been in the hospital and needed an appointment. The deficient girl who ran the office flat out refused to give me an appointment with my own pulmonary doctor until July. Clearly she is unsure how to do her job and what an emergency is. Being in the hospital = not a good enough excuse to need to see my own doctor. She kept insisting I was a new patient. Really, you guys, I don’t know where their computer systems are failing them. I know there is another girl with the same name and birth date as me in their system, however, I also give them my social security number, address, phone number and email address to avoid this issue. Apparently that doesn’t help.

On a good note, another nurse took over at my autoimmune doctor’s office and she actually calls me back, unlike this other girl who doesn’t even tell the doctor that I called, when the doctor is the one who told me to call. My autoimmune doctor, who can used the system, got in and saw the debacle I was facing and was kind enough to call in my prescription that the doctor in the ER prescribed, but never called in or gave me the script for. She also told me to see my pulmonary doctor. I explained the situation with my pulmonary doctor to her nurse, and both the nurse and my autoimmune doctor tried to get me in with my regular pulmonary doctor, but the girl still wouldn’t budge. We are all collectively befuddled by this. It was one thing to turn me down, but to turn down another doctor in the same building who is friends with my pulmonary doctor and telling them it is crucial I get an appointment is a whole other ballgame.

With no other choice, I called the pulmonary doctor whose number was on my screwed up discharge papers from the hospital. I made an appointment for Monday. Sunday night I was doing something fully unrelated and come to find out that the doctor they put on my paperwork as a pulmonary doctor was actually a general physician. I have one. I don’t need theirs. Not only that, but I didn’t care for the guy at all. He’s the one who kept trying to give me medications I couldn’t take, as well as medications for issues I wasn’t even having. He also tried to take me off an antibiotic I was on for a sinus infection without ever asking me what I was on it for. I had zero interest in seeing him. To give him the benefit of the doubt, I looked up reviews online on him thinking that maybe, since he had seen me in the hospital, that he could shed some light on what was going on. All the reviews on him were terrible. There wasn’t one good one, so I felt I was justified in not wanting to see him and canceled the appointment.

It took me some run around to find out who the pulmonary doctor I saw in the ER was. Once I found him, I called and explained to the super nice gentleman on the phone what had happened. He fit me in for a 4:45 appointment today, which I was thrilled and thankful about. Too bad that gentleman didn’t work at the office where my appointment was.

Let me start by saying that I wasn’t having a terrific day to begin with, but even if I was, what had happened at this office would have pushed me over the edge, considering I’ve gone a week without knowing what was going on with me and playing ring around the doctor with their offices due to incorrect information on my discharge papers. I went to get my migraine medication out to get it refilled on my way to the doctor. I had just taken it last night and had one left. I got to it today and there were none in there and it wasn’t in the same place I had put it last night. I didn’t take the last one. My mom is the only other person I live with. I was already ticked, and then I get into town to fill the medication and the bridge is closed with no warning, so I had to go way out and around. Now I’m concerned I’m going to be late, and I have to wait for the medication, because this specific pharmacy is family owned and closes before I would be home from my appointment and I need the medication.

I get my medication and haul ass to my appointment. I’m concerned I’m going to be really late. I’m trying to get there as quickly as I can. The building isn’t exactly where they say it is, but I find it and I get there with fifteen minutes to spare, at 4:30, by some grace of God. I go in, prepared to fill out new patient papers since I had never seen this doctor outside of the ER and thankful that I’m early enough to do it without holding anyone up. I get into the office, walk up to the front desk, smile and say this exactly. “I am here for my 4:45 with Dr. Lanz.” The woman looks at me and very coldly says, “You mean your 4:15 appointment. You’re late.” I keep trying to smile and say, “No, I am here for a 4:45 appointment. I double checked with the person who made the appointment yesterday and my appointment is definitely at 4:45.” She again reiterates that I’m late and then gets up and walks out of the room.

I’m already suspicious that something is up. I double checked my appointment time, wrote it in two places, and it’s also listed as 4:45 in their own computer system that patients have access to their records through – a system automatically generated by them when an appointment is made so that this doesn’t happen. She never bothered to ask me my name or anything about me, and I was a new patient there, so she had no way of knowing who I was, yet she was insistent that I was late. Not only that, but I’m only fifteen minutes late, by her account, even though I know my time is correct and I am fifteen minutes early. Doctors always, always run over, so fifteen minutes is hardly anything to get concerned about and I probably wouldn’t have even been in the with the doctor even if I had gotten there at 4:15. I know something is up, and then she comes back and proves it.

She proceeds to tell me that I will have to reschedule and that the doctor doesn’t have 4:45 appointments and already left to go to UPMC East, the hospital I had previously seen him at. I tell her that I have just driven forty five minutes for an appointment that I double checked on yesterday and was told was at 4:45. I was not rescheduling, I know she had just been in the back talking to the doctor, because I heard them, and I need to be seen. I say this all very nicely, but firmly. She proceeds to cop and attitude with me and tell me that this is my fault and that I should have known the appointment was at 4:15 and not 4:45. She never once apologized or took responsibility for our own office’s error. Clearly I am supposed to be that kind of psychic. I had enough of her attitude, enough of the situation, enough of today and did something I never do – I lost on it a customer service agent. I am fully against doing this, since I’ve been in that position. I would not have done this had she not chosen to lie to me and cop and attitude with me. I know she went in the back to talk to the doctor. I could hear them. Not only that, but something was still up. Had he had other patients ahead of me, I really wouldn’t have been all that late considering all doctors run late. It also was not my fault that I was given the incorrect time on two separate occasions by their own office. I really felt like he just didn’t care to see patients that day. They were essentially making a big stink over fifteen minutes, since I had gotten there at 4:30. It just simply didn’t make sense, and there was not a soul in the office.

Then, the woman tried to rebook me for the next day. I told her straight out that I do have a life and contractors coming to the house the next day and can’t just pick up and leave because they screwed up and won’t admit it. They clearly can’t keep anything straight, considering their the ones who put 4:45 in their own system, as proven by the system I have access to which shows my appointment was put in by them as being at 4:45, and she still hadn’t asked me my name to confirm the appointment, so she had no way of knowing if I was actually late or not since she didn’t know who I was. I would never, ever be back to their offices. I was not going to risk driving another forty five minutes to be turned away again because of their own screw up.

I have never in my life been that angry with a situation, and had the woman not copped an attitude with me, this could have all been avoided. Since I was only a few miles from UPMC East, I decided to hop in my car, go up there, and talk to someone. I was completely done with this situation and not knowing what was going on with my own health and getting nothing but a run around. I decided to talk to a hospital administrator to let them know everything I’ve been through since their hospital discharged me without any diagnoses and then royally screwed up all of my paperwork. I had been waiting a week for a diagnoses because of them, when I should have never been let go without being told what was going on. I was kind and polite, but let her know that I was very angry and was not leaving the hospital until a doctor told me my results, since this was their fault. I had no reason to yell at her, because she had nothing to do with the issues I was having, nor was she anything but very kind to me. I asked specifically to talk to the doctor of whom I had an appointment with that day and explained what had happened and that his receptionist told me he was here. I left out the part where I had actually heard his receptionist talking to him and just decided to see what the administrator had to say about him being in the hospital that day. I wanted to have solid proof of her lie.

Long story short, I found out two things. One, the woman at the first doctors office was a liar. The doctor was not scheduled to be at UPMC East that night, nor did they know why I was told that, so the receptionist telling me he had left to go there was completely false, further proving this office, and more specifically the woman who copped an attitude with me has not a clue what is going on at her own office. I was flat out lied to, and I still don’t know the reason why she would tell me he was gone and at that hospital when I even heard her talking to him, but now I had proof she was a full fledged fruit loop and the hospital also now knew it.

Two, I learned that the administrator was very helpful and apologetic, and it really wasn’t that hard to get my results. She made a few phone calls and had a doctor come talk to me. She made it so easy when everyone else was giving me such a difficult time over something so simple. I didn’t care who read the results, but since they were pulmonary results I needed a pulmonologist to do it. Luckily, hospitals are full of those. If you get the right person, they’ll even let you talk with one without admitting you into the hospital or ER.

Turns out, I have chronic bronchitis, which can be very dangerous and would have been very important for me to know before I even left that hospital a week ago. It was also equally important for them to call in the medication for me or give me a script for it, which they had failed to do. Chronic bronchitis can either be caused by smoking, which I don’t do, or airborne allergens such as mold. Ding, ding ding, guess which one I have! That’s right, mold. So basically living in this mold for all this time caused me to have chronic bronchitis, a condition that will never go away and will flair up on and off for the rest of my life. This brings us back to the fact that had our insurance agent done his job and turned our case over to someone else when he was gone, this would have been fixed months ago and this never would have happened. I wouldn’t have lived in the mold long enough for this to form.

Madder than a hornet, y’all. I might even be madder than a rhino. It’s warranted.

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