The real me is a Southern girl. Unfortunately, I someone got confused and I ended up in Pennsylvania. Now I’m just an every day girl trapped in a Southern state of mind and living a Northern life.

I’m a bit of a marshmallow, an aspiring author, a psychic medium, and a dog treat entrepreneur. (I dare you to say all of that five times fast.) I am always accidentally hilarious at my own expense. Some of you may know me as Cassadee Willows, a name I commonly write under, but these days I go by just plain Amy Breeland.

I’m a little Veronica Mars, a little Melinda Gordon, a dash of Lemon Breeland and a unapologetic twinge of Juliette Barnes. “In case you haven’t noticed, there is no one I can’t say ‘screw you’ to.” The Penny of the nerds. I’ve also been known to be compared to Shawn Spencer from Psych for the outlandish things I say and the process in which I come to bizarre conclusions.

I like Taylor Swift, an ultra pink kitty that says hello and thinking about how I’m going to haunt people when I die. I’ve got a lot of ideas, so if you’ve ticked me off somewhere in life, hide yo kids, hide yo wives, and hide yo husbands.

I’m a little bit quirky, a whole lot of the good crazy, completely outspoken, and disastrously random. Yeah, guys, I’m one of those people who bust out with the most random comment ever and spend the rest of the night fielding strange looks from people I don’t know.

This is my life, and welcome to it.

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