Tutorial Treats: The Frugal Girl Makeover

Hi, all! I know I’ve been going on about this awesome makeup tutorial that I had done that is actually fairly average at best, but shows frugal ways to do awesome things to your face. (No one ever said I wasn’t direct and that it didn’t make me sound funny.) Today is the day that I will finally get to reveal it to you all. But first, I must tell you all a little about today. (Did you ever notice that there’s nearly always a “but first” with me?)

Today, I went on an adventure to Oglebay’s and then to Cabela’s. Look, rule of thumb, if it’s out of state it’s an adventure. My adventures lie (The world lie always reminds me of the I Lie On a Whale Cake. It’s safer not to ask.) in my work as a psychic medium, so compared to that, nothing else seems very adventurous. I took a ton of pictures like a freaking tourist. Oglebay’s looked like something straight out of a Christmas movie. If one decided to film there, they wouldn’t even have to redecorate. Cabela’s is just full of all kinds of awesome outdoor things, including real taxidermy animals and an aquarium. Because I took so many pictures, I will have to split the post about this adventure up into two separate post, so look out for that in the coming days.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. And by all, I mean one person, maybe two, but just play along with me. It makes me happy, and if a woman ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. (Changer her mind and change the world.) Anyway, it took me two separate videos to get all of my rambling in. I also have made the videos so they’re not openly viewable to all users and you can only find them if you have a link to them, which I will provide you in this blog. I simply did this because I’m unsure of how my tutorials will go over. If they fly like a champ, I’ll make them searchable, so feel free to let me know what you all think.

The Frugal Girl’s Guide: Makeup Tutorial Treats Part 1

A little more about this video: First and foremost, I really do apologize to my cats. 364 days of the year, they just want to lounge around and go unnoticed. The day I filmed this was the odd day out when they all decided they wanted to be stars with big movie contracts. Clearly, I haven’t had the YouTube “talk” with them yet. I apologize for them since all they say is “meow, meow, meow” and then the occasional hiss rings out.

I just kind of want to reiterate the point of this video, in case my incessant rambling didn’t get it across. I’m really just trying to show y’all a nice, cheap, easy way to do quick makeup with the materials you have, instead of having you go out and buy things and spend an hour in the bathroom. I know these videos aren’t going to seem like the process was quick, but I redid the makeup again today and it took me around 12 minutes for the entire look. Not to shabby for glamorous, right?

As promised, here is the link to DiamondsandHeels14’s YouTube channel. I can not express how amazing she is. I speak of her in this video, and then use one of her tutorials in my next video. I just want to make it clear that I am, in no way, attempting to do a tutorial on her tutorial. I’m simply using her tutorial to do my makeup. I’m also showing you how to get the same look if you can’t afford the proper materials, though I highly suggest following her channel and using the proper materials, but I’m one broke girl, which leads me to be frugal, and I like to share in the frugal tips. If she happens to see my videos and I offend her in any way, I will take the videos right on down if she asks, because the last thing I want to do is offend her.

In case anyone is wondering, I don’t suggest a shampoo and conditioner because everyone’s hair is different and everyone needs something different out of those two items. However, below are links to the products that I mentioned in the video that I swear by in case you’re interested in buying them, in the order that they appear in the video.

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub

Garnier Fructis XXL Volumizing Thickening Mousse Extreme (I can’t imagine how this wouldn’t be unisex.)

Sorry, guys, but I can’t find the hair gel I use anymore, so I would next suggest a pomade such as Redken Wax Shine Pomade. Use a low number, such as three or four, so your hair doesn’t get stiff, but simply pieces out more when styling.

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream (Seriously, go to Target or Wal-Mart and buy this. It runs around six bucks. I have no idea why it’s so expensive online.)

CO Bigelow NO. 1055 Extra-Light Oil-Free Face Lotion (You can get this at mostly any Bath and Body Works stores. It’s very difficult to find online, however.)

The Frugal Girl’s Guide: Makeup Tutorial Treats Part 2

Here is the tutorial that I used from DiamondsandHeels14 for the Taylor Swift 2011 CMA look. Again, I’m not trying to steal her tutorial or do a tutorial on her tutorial. I’m simply showing you the transformation in it and cheaper ways to do it if you don’t have and cant afford the proper materials. If you can, please follow her instructions. She also has an amazing tutorial on there for if you have acne. I swear to kitten pajamas if I could find it that I would link you to it, but she has so many videos and I’m so very tired. But plunder through her channel and you will find it there. It is gauranteed not to disappoint.

As for the products I used in this, I’m not going to link you back to most of them, because my makeup is a little older than it should be and they don’t sell some of those compacts anymore. What I will show you is what powder I was using that also doubled as a hig lighter and tripled as a contour. For the powder, I use Physicians Formula Multi-Color in Buff. You should use whatever color compliments your complexion best. As for the touch of bronzer that I added on my own, I use Physicans Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip. (Vegas owns my heart, so the fact that this matches my skin tone makes me cheery.) Again, use whatever color matches your skin tone best.

If you have any questions, please ask. I will soon be posting a video about my experience in this makeup and how it was perceived, how I felt in it, and if I got any dates. (The answer to the last one is no. Are you shocked? I’m like the Forever Alone meme; incredibly single.) For now, here are a few more pictures of the final look, but first is a picture of me completely bare-faced that you haven’t seen so that you can get the full spectrum idea of how awesome this makeup really is. (Thanks, DiamondsandHeels14! You’re amazing!)

A Tutorial Taste, Crazy Coupons and Stranded, Broken Feet

Yesterday, I was talking about doing a makeup tutorial / experiment. I filmed said tutorial and experiment today, and the first video is in the process of uploading to YouTube. Because I had super excited kitties who wanted to be stars, I have to edit the second video and upload it, which I won’t have a chance to do tonight seeing as it’s already nearly one am and I must be up in the morning. Yes, I talked so much that there’s two videos. One is an introduction to what I’m doing, plus a hair tutorial, and the other focuses on the makeup, and also is inspired by and uses this tutorial by DiamondsandHeels14. I don’t do a tutorial on her tutorial, I just use one of her tutorials to do my makeup and show you how it turned out, because her tutorials are awesome, though I am not as great of a makeup artist as her. Even though nothing is ready to post quite yet, I wanted to give you all a little taste of what’s to come, plus tell you two fun little stories.

As for the videos, which I’ll hopefully have time to complete in the insanity that will be tomorrow, here is a before shot, with no makeup and me still in my pajamas with no hair done at all. It’s embarrassing and empowering all at one time. It’s strange that way.

Most unflattering picture ever, right? See what I do for you guys? I don’t take picture and then have to use a screen cap that makes me look like I’m falling asleep, which I kind of was.

And here is the after. It’s kind of been decided that I look like the dark haired version of Parker from Leverage in this makeup, instead of like Taylor Swift.

I have a lot more pictures to come with the video. My tutorial shows you how to do this look, originally done by DiamondsandHeels14, without the proper tools and makeup, and also shows the cheap girl with clear skin’s way of doing concealer, and also how to cover up Rosacea and pooling from blood disorders on the face. Hopefully I will have that tutorial done tomorrow.

Now for the stories.

I have to admit it guys, I’ve become the Crazy Coupon Lady. I could deny it right up until today when I held up a line at the register unintentionally because there wasn’t another one open, and then was applauded by the people I had held up because of all the money I saved. At first I thought they were applauding because I was done, but then they started asking me questions about how I saved that much money and I realized I had reached the status I most feared. I’m kind of embarrassed and kind of proud. I’m not one of those people who gets a billion things for free, but I think when you can knock half off of your bill, that’s a glorious moment. I also don’t spend more than three hours a week couponing, so I’m happy with the deals I get. That being said, here’s what happened for those of you who are interested in couponing.

I went into PetSmart to get dog food and dog treats. I’ve come to find that PetSmart has some of the best deals and otherwise gets a bad rap, but if you catch them at the right time, there are deals to be had. I had coupons for the treats and a five dollar Holiday Buck store coupon for the food. When I went into the store there were coupons sitting on a table, coupons that weren’t on their website or in their papers, and since one pertained to my purchase of dog food, I picked it up. There were also 15% off coupons good on my entire purchase sitting there, so I took one of those.

When I got back to the dog food, it happened to be on sale that week, and they were offering more Holiday Bucks, which was five dollars in coupon form that printed out on your receipt to use on your next PetSmart purchase of Purina products. The deal was supposed to end last month, but I was thrilled to see it hadn’t. I picked up my dog food, which was normally $28.99, but was on sale for $24.99 with a PetPerks card.  I had a $5 Holiday Buck coupon from a previous purchase, plus my 15% off coupons, mixed with a coupon for two free Beneful Prepared Meals valued at $1.89 a piece with the purchase of that dog food. When I checked out, my total for the dog food and the Beneful Prepared Meals came to $18.01. The actual total should have been $34.74. I saved almost half at $16.73, plus I got a $5 Holiday Bucks coupon to use on any Purina product, such as the food I just bought, next time I’m in the store.

Seeing as the Holiday Buck deal was extended, I decided to check out some cat food while I was there, since we have taken in cats and can always use the food. The cat food was originally $12.99. It was on sale for 10.99 with a PetPerks card, plus I had the %15 percent off coupon and a second $5 Holiday Bucks coupon that I had brought with me. Instead of paying $13.79 with the tax, I ended up paying $5.79, saving myself more than half at $8. By checking out separately, I also got another Holiday Bucks coupon good for $5 off my next purchase. And I still wasn’t done.

I still had my dog treats to get, because what’s Christmas without treats for the animals? They’d just steal my gifts in protest anyway and I’d never see them again, so it’s better to appease them. As with the last transaction, I did a separate transaction for this as well. (I’m so sorry anyone who got behind me in line.) I had manufacturers coupons for the treats, as well as PetSmart ones I had picked up on my way in, and that 15% coupon, so I was set. I picked up one dog treat for $5.99 and three for $3.99 to appease the guidelines on the coupons I had. The $5.99 treat was on sale with a PetSmart card for $3.50, and the $3.99 treats were on sale for the same price with a card. I had a dollar off of two treats, a dollar off of one treat, and a buy one get one free coupon. I was able to mix and match the dollar off and the bogo since one was a manufacturers coupon and one was a store coupon and I met the requirements of the coupons with what I bought. Mix that with the 15% off, and I could use the $5 Holiday Bucks from my previous purchase on them, bringing my total to $3.15. My total should have been $19.04, so I saved myself well over half at $15.89.

All in all, I should have spent a grand total of $67.57. What I actually spent with all the coupons and PetPerks deals was $26.95. I saved a total of $40.62, totally legally and with hardly any time or effort put into couponing, plus I have a $5 coupon to use on my next Purina purchase. PetSmart often has deals like this, so sometimes couponing and taking a few extra minutes is more than worth it.

When I got home from all of that excitement, I was sitting here minding my own business, like I often am, only to get a text from my friend saying he was stranded with a broken foot. If you’re wondering how that happened, I’m not the only one, especially since he can’t drive, nor does he own a vehicle. Therefore, I asked him what happened. Unfortunately for him, my one friend who is sick happened to be on medication for her flu and thought this was the funniest thing ever. Thinking back, it is pretty darn funny. Just not to him. And I sure as heck wouldn’t be happy if it happened to me. In fact, I think he handled it well what with not crying and staying calm. But here’s the story and you can judge for yourself. It’s so tragic and so funny at the same time that I just don’t know where to go on it.

Today, my friend was moving a couch. It fell on his foot in a Laurel and Hardy worthy moment, breaking it. As he flailed around, he had to find someone to take him to MedExpress, and even if he could drive, he would have still needed someone to take him because he needed that foot to drive. He arrives at MedExpress where his friend is forced to leave him to do things. On his friend’s way back to pick him up, his friend is in a car accident and is unable to pick him up. MedExpress is now closing and kicks him out, forcing him to go and sit in the Verizon store next door, or, as his iPhone autocorrected, the verisimilitude store. (I had to Google it, too. It means the quality of realism in something. So he’s in the realism store. So not right, especially since he has a broken foot and is stranded, so things just got pretty real.) He’s desperately trying to find someone to come and get him before the Verizon store closes in 32 minutes. He texts me. Because of my medical problems, I can’t drive that far to pick him up per doctor’s orders, plus, I get all wonky and disoriented when I try. So because he broke his foot, he’s now stranded because his friend was in an accident and his other friend is too sick to pick him up. Do you see the irony in this? All because of a couch attack.

He did finally get someone to pick him up, but it was down to the wire and was nearly two hours past when he was first stranded until he got home. He’ll laugh about it one day. One day. Not soon.