The Pajama / Polish Church Quandary

You’re going to have to excuse the myspace-esque pictures in this post, and I fully apologize for them, but I’ve got a saga for you. It’s a short one. It won’t take four books like Twilight or anything.

I am a quirky person. I’m totally fine with wearing random things that don’t match. I mean, I don’t go out in public looking like the circus threw up on me or anything; that would just be wrong, especially considering that people are afraid of clowns and circuses have them. But I’m not past being all cute like Penelope Garcia. (Holla at your girl! Am I too white and not cool enough to say that? I’m sorry if I just insulted an entire race of people with my horrible punniness. Please forgive me.) The exception to this non circus rule stops at my pajamas. Anything goes for them, just as long as they’re comfortable. In the spirit of that, I present you with this *sexy little ensemble.

*These pajamas may not, in fact, actually be sexy.

To be fair, they didn’t come like this. All pieces were bought separately and never meant to go together. However, it’s one of those nights where my legs are super, super cold, but I’m too hot in long sleeves. This happens often with Pennsylvania weather, so I rock this look. Aunt Bev, however, likes to tell me that, and I quote, I “look like a Polish Church.” I’m not even sure what that totally means, but it doesn’t sound like a compliment.

With that little piece of information in the back of your mind, I bring you these babies.

After the first picture, you’re thinking, “What’s the big idea?” The big idea is that these pajamas were a gift for my birthday from Aunt Bev, the same woman who told me that I looked like a Polish Church in my other pajamas. And, to top it off, these actually are a set. The only difference between my non set and these is that the top has bows instead of stars and the bottoms are just stripes, not plaid. Oh, AND THESE ARE AN ACTUAL SET. To make this even better, when I walked out tonight in the first pair of pajamas, my mom said she was so glad the pajamas Aunt Bev bought me fit. Yep, she went there, and not even on purpose. She totally thought they were the same pajamas, and I had to explain to her that they weren’t.

Clearly, after reading this blog, you can surmise that I completely love these mismatching pajamas that came from Little Miss Matched, one of my favorite sites. But that’s not the point. The point is, my aunt, the one who makes fun of me for looking like a Polish Church, just bought me pajamas that, well, make me look like a Polish Church. Go figure. No, really, figure that out and then get back to me. Free cookies hang in the balance.

One thought on “The Pajama / Polish Church Quandary

  1. In Aunt Bev’s defense the PJs she bought you with the bows and stripes are the same colors so they do in fact match. I’m ANAL about stuff going together and matching. It’s a sickness. I know. The ones you put together are well, I don’t even know. That being said, I’m not knocking you for wearing them. Do your thing girlfriend! If you feel good and you love it, then ROCK IT OUT!!!

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