Sophie: Proudly Going Where Every Other Cat Has Gone Before

This is Sophie. Sophie is sleeping on the couch. For most cats, this would not be a big deal. For Sophie, this falls into the same category as Sheldon Cooper suddenly becoming less annoying to his friends, roommate and coworkers. Do you all see what a huge ordeal this is?

Sophie is a strange cat. This is an understatement.

We’ve had her for eight years of her eight and a half years of life. It took her six years to come into the living room. The dining room? Sure. The kitchen? Absolutely. The cat room? She was all over that. The living room? No way. She wouldn’t even so much as peer in. If we would pick her up and bring her in, she’d run back out without a second thought. Then, one day, she wandered into the living room, laid down on the floor, and that was the end of her fear of the living room.

But she still feared another thing, the living room furniture. She’s spent the past two years staying far, far away from the living room furniture, and sat only on the floor and dog bed. As you can see, she’s a highly confused cat. So when I was halfway through an episode of Flashpoint and looked over and saw the above, I had to take a picture, because simply no one would believe me that Sophie finally sat on the couch. Not only sat, but was comfortable enough to take a snooze.

At first I thought it was adorable. Little Sophie was all cuddled up on the couch. Aww! Then I realized that this was absolutely, without a doubt, the most terrifying thing to happen in the eight years we’ve had her.

You see, Sophie is a starer. She stares at you over everything. She comes in at all hours of the day, sits down on the floor, and looks up at you, never blinking or breaking her stare. She can do this for a half an hour at a time, making her success of breaking her fear of the living room become a short lived victory from a human point of view. You’re trying to do something, but you begin to feel oddly panicky because you’re being watched. Your every move, your every word, Sophie is there to pick up on it. Sitting on the couch just gave her a whole new angle to stare at us from. Can you hear the horror movie music swell? I can.

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